UNTV Cup Game Journal – September 23, 2018

Posted on: September 23rd, 2018


2PM – NHA vs Philhealth
3:30PM – PITC vs PNP
5PM – GSIS vs Senate
Venue: GSIS Gymnasium

Hailed Best Player of the Game PO1 Anton Tolentino made 16 points, 4 steals, 1 rebound and 2 three-pointers including the long-range buzzer-beater shot to give the PNP Responders its first win this 7th season of the League of Public Servants, UNTV Cup. (Juvic Capistrano / Photoville International)


NHA took an early lead. Within the first minute, they already scored 9 points.

At 5:35, NHA got away with a 12-point lead, 19-7.

Coach Benett Palad did not start former Antonio Lustestica due to last game’s bad fall. Even though it’s not a serious injury, Coach said Lustestica is not in his 100% playing condition.

Though plagued with turnovers, the Builders managed to keep an ample lead.

The first quarter ended with 32-23 on the scoreboard, NHA up by 9 points.

The Builders opened the 2nd period with a 7-0 run, blowing the lead to 16 points, 39-23.

NHA’s lead blew up to 19 points, 48-29 with 4 minutes remaining, but was quickly chopped to 14 points after a quick 5 point- run from Jonathan Aldave

NHA Builders outscored (28-20), outrebounded (11-9) the Philhealth Plus in this quarter.

Though Philhealth’s Jonathan Aldave put up 14 points in this period, it’s 60-43 at the half.

In the third quarter, the PhilHealth Plus executed their recovery plan well. From being down by as much as 19 points in the first half, PhilHealth amassed 31 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists and 4 steals.

The NHA Builders, meanwhile, gave up 9 personal fouls and 7 turnovers which the PhilHealth Plus took advantage of.

PhilHealth’s Mark Pedroso (#23) was the knight in shining armor in this period with 12 points; perfect in the field (4/4).

NHA Builders’ lead was depleted to just 8 points, 82-74.

Philhealth started strong in the last period with effective rallies that cut the lead to just 2 points 91-89 at 4:50.

They took the lead 93-91 at 4:15 with a layup from Esmeraldo Pacheco.

At this point, the NHA Builders were alarmed.

Builders’ Coach Benett Palad fielded his main man Antonio Lustesca for the first time in this game.

Finally, Marvin Mercado tied the game at 93-all.

At 2:00, NHA was on the lead 96-93.

At 1:35, PhilHealth had the chance to trim the lead but Jonathan Aldave missed 2 free throws.

Former MVP Antonio Lustetica’s crucial 5 points production gave the NHA assurance despite a late three-point shot from PhilHealth’s Mark Pedroso, 103-101.

NHA Builders’ twin towers Jessie Alastoy and Marvin Mercado got the Best Players of the Game honors.



In the first quarter, PNP Responders and PITC Global Traders had a low-scoring game, and low percentage shooting.

But the Global Traders gave up more fouls and turnovers, that earned the policemen 6 points from free throws.

The PNP led by two points at the buzzer, 18-16.

The PNP Responders, in the 2nd period, shot more from the field (11/23 FGm/a) and stole more (7 stls) but committed more fouls (10 PF).

The PITC Global Traders, on the other hand, had limited chances to make shots (7/12 FGm/a) but converted a lot of free throws (9/12 FTm/a).

Haddi Porto led the PITC in scoring with 10 points, perfect from the field 4/4.

Julius Criste, Ollan Omiping and Anton Tolentino combined for 17 points.

PITC was all fired up as they outscored the PNP in the 3rd quarter.

Haddi Porto again led the Global Traders in scoring with 10 points while Ollan Omiping produced the same for the police squad including 2 three-pointers.

The 3rd quarter end score was 63-60 with PNP in the lead.

And in the last period, PITC had a 6-point run to get a 66-65 lead in the early minutes.

Haddi Porto continued to showcase his scoring prowess with 7 points.

PNP had more turnovers (4) and personal fouls (8) than the PITC (3-4).

This narrative gave the PITC in scoring momentum.

PITC took the lead at 1:00, 75-74 and continued to hold it to 77 until PNP tied the game after a 3 point shot from former MVP Ollan Omiping with 16 points in the game.

Fouls and turnovers occurred for both teams in this crucial last-minute encounter.

But a long-range buzzer beater, a miracle shot from Anton Tolentino (#8) gave the PNP Responders a 3 point edge, 80-77.



In the first quarter, Senate Defenders easily cruised to a 6 point lead at the end of the period, 18-12, against the GSIS Furies.

Defenders’ Marlon Legaspi led the team in scoring 6 points while playing-coach Rene Boy Banzali and Aaron Christian Martinez combined for 8 points with 4 points apiece.

But despite wasting opportunities over ball possessions and 10 turnovers in the second period, the Furies still caught up and outscored the Defenders with just a point, 15-14.

Senate basketball team were shooting badly as they shot 4 out 17 in the field compared with GSIS’ 6/10.

Kenneth Ilano stood up for the Furies with 5 points with back ups from James Abugan and Michael Nuyana with 4 points each.

On the other hand, Garri Sevila started to heat up firing 2 three-pointers as part of his 8 point production.

GSIS was leading the game in the second quarter but Senate quickly recovered the lead.

Half score 32-27 was recorded.

Senate started the third period with quick 4 points from Harly Ng

GSIS got buried deeper by 11 points at 8:00, 38-27.

GK Sevilla was also in scoring momentum contributing 10 points.

Though Abugan and Banzali fought back with combined 12 points, the Senate Defenders ended the quarter with 16 points lead, 57-41.

The massive 6 blocks and 11 rebounds of the Defenders restricted Furies from scoring in this period.

When the final quarter came, GSIS Furies suffered a meltdown and the Defenders took advantage.

GSIS was just limited to 10 points while Senate flaunted with 21 points.

Overall, Senate outscored and outrebounded the Furies.

Furies 21 turnovers in the game were just too many compared to Senate’s 8 TOs.

Garri Sevilla was hailed as the Best Player with 18 points.

The Senate Defenders claimed their 2nd win after 27-point win vs the GSIS Furies, 78-51. — UNTV New Media