UNTV Cup Game Journal – September 16

Posted on: September 16th, 2018


Scheduled games for today:

2PM: AFP Cavaliers vs DOJ Justice Boosters
3:30PM: Malacañang-PSC Kamao vs Ombudsman Graft Busters
5PM: Judiciary Magis vs NHA Builders


At 8:45 in the 3rd quarter, Antonio Lustestica had a bad fall after a defensive play and had to be carried out of the court by the UNTV News and Rescue team in a stretcher.



Both teams fielded their new players in the first period but the championship pedigree of AFP kicked in, DOJ was left with 16 points to overcome, twice their score, 32-16.

The second quarter has passed, but the two-time UNTV Cup champion AFP Cavaliers were still in dominance. They’re just too powerful for DOJ Justice to handle. It’s 54-34 at the half.

Former pro-baller turned soldier Boyet Bautista displayed his basketball armory as the AFP Cavaliers showed more firepower to cripple the DOJ Justice Boosters in the 3rd quarter, 78-52.

The future is bright for AFP Cavaliers’ campaign for UNTV Cup Season 7 championship.

The Cavaliers showed renewed basketball dexterity and chemistry as a team.

New recruits Ezer Rosopa (#4) and Darwin Cordero (#30) proved themselves to be useful both defensively and offensively. 

Boyet Bautista was hailed as the best player of the game.

DOJ bowed down to the former UNTV Cup kings, 109-87.



It was an impressive first quarter for the President’s men who led by 13 points at the end of first period with 28-15.

Erik Dela Cuesta, John Michael Jimenez and the Javier brothers racked up a combined total of 21 points while rookie Alvin Catipon contributed 2 points and 1 rebound.

Meanwhile, Ombudsman was led by reinforcement Bernzon Franco and Renelou Lumague with 11 points combined.

The Malacañang-PSC Kamao has outplayed the Ombudsman Graft Busters so far after 2 quarters of play.

Ombudsman is left with 24 points behind, it’s 56-32 at the half.

Malacañang-PSC Kamao continued to overwhelm the Ombudsman Graft Busters in the 3rd quarter as they blew up the lead to 28 points, 80-52.

New recruit Martin Antonio already had 4 points, 1 rebound, 2 assists and 1 steal during this period.

The Javier brothers, Visnu and Narayan had a solid 10 point production combined while Ian Garrido controlled the boards with 4 rebounds.

Meanwhile, Ombudsman Graft Busters’ reinforcement player delivered a hefty 16 points in this quarter alone.

Looks like Malacañang-PSC Kamao is off to a good start this season.

The Kamao defeated the reinforced Ombudsman Graft Busters with a 29-point victory, 101-72.

Eric Dela Cuesta bagged the Best Player of the Game honor with a well-rounded production of 14 points, 6 rebounds, 2 assists, and 4 steals.

Meanwhile, 5 other Kamao players were in double-digit scoring: Ian Garrido, Visnu Das Javier, Joseph Besa, Narayan Das Javier, and John Michael Jimenez.

The Ombudsman, on the other hand, was lead by Luis Palaganas Jr. with 25 points and supported by Bernzon Franco and Renelou Lumague with 10 points each.



The NHA Builders had an early lead in the first quarter but the Judiciary Magis recovered quickly, turning the game into a close fight.

Chester Tolomia led the Magis in scoring 9 points while Waldemar Tibay and Antonio Lustestica joined forces for a 12-point production in the first period.

The second quarter was a low-scoring period in the game, 34-34.

It was a close battle, more defensive plays and less field goals made.

Magis only scored 12 points (5/21 FGM) while Builders, 14 (5/17 FGM)

At 8:45 in the 3rd quarter, Antonio Lustestica had a bad fall after a defensive play and had to be carried out of the court by the UNTV News and Rescue team in a stretcher.

Onsite UNTV News and Rescue’s Doctor Nap Borje recommended Lustestica not to play for the rest of the game because of severe pain and needs to rest for 3 to 5 days.

At the end of the 3rd quarter, Tolomia had a long 3pt shot but it was not counted after the referees’ review.

Final 3rd quarter tally: 50-45 in favor of NHA Builders.

And in the final period, NHA was ahead by as much as 16 points but Judiciary managed to recover and cut the lead by just a point, 64-65 at 3:04, after an assist by Warren Ybanez and a connected field goal by Chester Tolomia.

NHA entered the last 2 minutes of the game with a 3-point lead, 71-68.

Magis had chances to cut the lead but to no avail.

The Builders won by 5 points at the final buzzer, 73-68.

Best Players of the Game: Marvin Mercado and Alvin Vitug.


ERRATUM: An earlier version of this post published that “Judiciary recovered and took the lead, 84-83, at 2:45,” Revisions have been made to correctly state that  “Judiciary managed to recover and cut the lead by just a point, 64-65 at 3:04”.