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Venezuela’s Guaido seeks humanitarian aid for OPEC nation

by admin   |   Posted on Wednesday, February 6th, 2019

Venezuelan opposition Leader Juan Guaido | Reuters

Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaido and opposition lawmakers on Tuesday (February 05) called for humanitarian aid to be allowed into country, as the OPEC nation grapples with shortages of food and medicine.

Guaido’s statements come after the United States has sent food and medicine toward Colombia’s border with Venezuela, although it is still unclear how the aid will get past the objections of President Nicolas Maduro, who has blocked shipments in the past.

U.S. officials said trucks carrying the aid, including high-protein foods, would arrive in Cucuta this week at the request of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido, who last month declared himself to be the South American nation’s interim president.

But Maduro has spoken out against aid coming into Venezuela.

Pressure is growing on President Nicolas Maduro to step down after more than a dozen European Union nations, including Britain, Germany and France, joined the United States, Canada and a group of Latin American countries in recognising opposition leader Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s legitimate leader.

As of late last year, Venezuela is suffering from a roughly 85 percent shortage of medicines, decrepit hospital infrastructure, and an exodus of doctors during a brutal recession. — Reuters

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Oil prices to increase on April 9

by Robie de Guzman   |   Posted on Monday, April 8th, 2019

Local pump prices will increase anew this week to reflect the movement of prices in the international market.

According to oil industry players, the price of gasoline will increase by P0.25 per liter, diesel by P0.20 and kerosene by P0.10 a liter.

The fuel price increase will take effect on Tuesday (April 9).

Last week, the country’s oil firms slashed the price of diesel by P0.30 per liter, kerosene by P0.20 and gasoline by P0.10 a liter.

The rollback put an end to the seven straight weeks of oil price increase.

Based on the monitoring of the Department of Energy (DOE), the current trend of fuel prices is due to the efforts of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and non-affiliated allies to trim output as well as the plunging Venezuelan output.

Meanwhile, the DOE is still finalizing the rules on the proposal to unbundle local oil prices to promote transparency in the industry.

Under the proposed policy, local oil companies will be required to disclose the breakdown of the costs to determine how they decide on their prices.

DOE said that once the circular is finalized, oil companies will have to submit their weekly data, including the prices in world market, refining, retailing cost, taxes and duties and profit margin. – Robie de Guzman

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Venezuela opposition delivers first cargo of humanitarian aid -Guaido; Maduro presents government strategy

by admin   |   Posted on Tuesday, February 12th, 2019

Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaido surrounded by students in a meeting in Caracas, Venezuela on February 11, 2019 | Reuters

Venezuela’s opposition leader, Juan Guaido, said on Monday (February 11) his team had delivered a first cargo of the humanitarian aid that has become a flashpoint in his tussle with President Nicolas Maduro, without specifying how it had received it.

Guaido, who has been recognized by most Western nations as Venezuela’s legitimate president over the past month, tweeted a photo of himself surrounded by stacks of white pots of vitamin and nutritional supplements. He did not say from where or whom they came.

Venezuela’s opposition has been coordinating an effort by Western nations, companies and organizations to deliver aid to Venezuela where malnutrition and preventable disease have proliferated in recent years as the economy has nosedived.

Maduro has said this is part of a U.S.-orchestrated strategy to undermine and ultimately overthrow him. He says he will not allow this “show.”

Maduro on Monday launched a government programme to consolidate Venezuela’s identity, aiming to improve exports. Under the slogan “Venezuela open to the future,” it aims to enhance the tourist, commercial, economic and advertising activities of the country.

The United States last month recognized Guaido as Venezuela’s legitimate leader after he declared himself president. Guaido argued Maduro’s re-election last year was a sham. The United States has since been joined by a majority of Western nations. — Reuters

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Venezuelan doctors demand government allow aid into country

by admin   |   Posted on Monday, February 11th, 2019

Venezuelan doctors demonstrating on the Colombian side of the border near where the humanitarian aid is being stored to demand Venezuela allow it into the country | Reuters

A group of Venezuelan doctors demonstrated on the Colombian side of the border on Sunday (February 10) as they demanded President Nicolas Maduro’s government allow humanitarian aid into their country.

Amid a hyperinflationary economic collapse that has caused malnutrition and the exodus of millions of people, humanitarian aid has become a flashpoint in an intensifying political crisis.

Venezuelan opposition leader and self-proclaimed interim president Juan Guaido said last week a global coalition that includes the United States was sending food and medicine to collection points in Colombia, Brazil and an undisclosed Caribbean island before delivering the aid into Venezuela.

But Maduro denies there is even a crisis, saying it is part of a U.S.-directed plot to undermine and overthrow his government and has said his government will not let the aid in.

Venezuela’s opposition has so far only publicly announced the arrival of aid in the Colombian border town of Cucuta, where it is now being stockpiled as Venezuelan authorities have made it clear they will not allow it to enter the country.

Doctors at the demonstration said the food and medicine from the aid could be immediately used to befit their patients. — Reuters

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