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What’s holding PH from having a smooth automated election?

Posted on Thursday, 16 May 2019 06:02 PM | No Comments
MANILA, Philippines – It took the Philippines 18 years before it finally applied the automated election system (AES) in 2010, the time when Benigno Aquino III was named the country’s...

NBI assures safeguards against hacking of automated election system

Posted on Monday, 29 April 2019 06:13 PM | No Comments
MANILA, Philippines – The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Cybercrime Division assured that the automated election system (AES) in the upcoming May 13 has safeguards against hacking. The agency said...

GIS EXCLUSIVE: Security features of the automated polls must be guarded – IT expert

Posted on Friday, 15 February 2019 05:13 PM | No Comments
QUEZON CITY, Philippines — The automated election system’s source code goes through thorough scrutiny to ensure that not a single glitch will jeopardize the conduct of the elections. One of...

Ex-poll official to testify in Senate on alleged discrepancies of VCM’s data in May 2016 elections

Posted on Friday, 2 February 2018 09:25 AM | No Comments
MANILA, Philippines – The Congressional Oversight Committee on the Automated Election System (AES) wants to inquire on the alleged discrepancies of data in vote counting machines (VCM) in some regions...