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Proventa International’s 2nd digital transformation strategy meeting comes to Manila

by UNTV News   |   Posted on Friday, November 9th, 2018


MANILA, Philippines — The landscape of digital media is on the rise, with over 50 hours of daily internet usage revealed within the Asia Pacific’s most active netizens; these including Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. As we continue to witness the emergence of cloud, mobile, and IoT technology, it’s time for our businesses to ride the wave.

On the 22nd of November, 2018, Proventa International will be having its second Digital Transformation Strategy Meeting in the Marriott Grand Ballroom of Manila, Philippines.

Business leaders and industry experts on big data and analytics, artificial intelligence, IoT, cloud and mobile technologies, and DevOps, are invited to share their knowledge on reshaping businesses with the trends of digitization. Attendees will learn the ways in which these new digital tools can enhance the customer experience, productivity, revenue and security for prominent industries such as retail, banking, and healthcare.

Organizations are also encouraged to come together and discuss strategic priorities regarding this modern business evolution. The event will provide interactive and informal roundtable discussions, in which participants can engage in a one-hour dialogue with some of the industry’s most qualified professionals.

These sessions are limited in number, granting each participant the equal opportunity to share their queries and ideas.

Furthermore, individuals can also develop their industry knowledge on a more personal level; through one-on-one meetings with the solution provider of their choice.

Attendees will additionally have the chance to grow their professional network and create lasting business connections through both casual and formal networking opportunities.

The business environment is indeed evolving, and it is Proventa International’s strong belief that no company should be left behind in this digital transformation.

Social media platforms are increasingly used as a highly effective marketing strategy, reaching more consumers than ever before. AI has provided more personalized consumer experiences through identifying one’s specific preferences on products and services. With home automation systems like Amazon Echo on the rise, the Internet of Things have evidently paved the way for a more electronically interconnected future.

As an organization that aims to bring solutions, maximize growth, and enhance performances among businesses big and small, Proventa hopes to equip corporations with the ability to embrace these exciting changes.

Don’t miss out; enter the new era with Proventa International’s Digital Transformation Strategy Meeting, 2018.


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