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    Police Chief Inspector Jovie Espenido to lead probe against Parojinog cops

    by UNTV News   |   Posted on Friday, August 11th, 2017

    Police Chief Inspector Jovie Espenido was tasked to investigate against cops suspected to have been protecting the Parojinog clan in Ozamiz City.

    This is in connection with President Rodrigo Duterte’s order to hold liable all policemen who have been covering up the illegal activities of the Parojinog clan.

    PNP- Public Information Office (PIO) PCSupt. Dionardo carlos said, “We will back track on how many decades how many years has this group been going. They are the ones conducting their activities there so we will look into it who are possibly involved.”

    The said cops serve as hitmen of the Parojinogs to execute the killing of civilians. The PNP also confirmed that the said cops are members of the alleged Parojinog Death Squad.

    “They are still out there. We will check [policemen]: ‘Were you assigned [in Ozamiz] when the Parojinogs were still in power? What could have been your possible participation?’ We will back track [investigation]. Now, if there’s an intelligence report, that report will be included kung sino itong mga (to identify who were the) personnel involved in the past” said Carlos.

    Due to insistent demand from Ozamiz City residents, PNP Chief Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa has decided not to send Espenido to other areas of assignment, and will stay instead in Ozamiz City.

    Dela Rosa explained in a statement that residents of Ozamiz City are growing afraid of the possible retaliation from the Parojinogs, and the PNP chief believes it is better for Espenido to stay.

    Dela Rosa added, they already have leads about the suspected cops linked to the Parojinogs. The PNP is now conducting thorough investigation to confirm their involvement with the clan. — Mon Jocson | UNTV News & Rescue

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    Espenido to stay in Ozamiz City as requested by residents

    by UNTV   |   Posted on Monday, September 4th, 2017

    MANILA, Philippines — PNP chief Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa revealed the reason behind President Rodrigo Duterte’s cancellation of Police Chief Inspector Jovie Espenido’s transfer to Iloilo City.

    “If we remove Espenido there, the people might be demoralized and they might even conduct protest if we will transfer Espenido.  That is the reason why the president change his mind and said that give residents a chance,” he said.

    Espenido previously said he still has unfinished business in Ozamiz City.

    “‘Andyan pa ung kapatid ni Aldong, pamangkin ni Aldong na mga leaders organized crime group dito sa Ozamiz ( There is still the sibling of [Mayor] Aldong, and his nephews who are leaders of organized crime groups in Ozamiz),”  said Espenido.

    Also, the PNP chief confirmed the existing threat from the Parojinog supporters in the City.

    Dela Rosa also agreed that Espenido should stay in Ozamiz City because he said Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog is doing well in the fighting against illegal drugs in Iloilo City.

    Last week, the police killed one of Iloilo’s most wanted drug personality, Richard Prevenido.

    “As compared before, it is running good. I hope this will continue,” Dela Rosa said.

    Although Dela Rosa is pleased with what is happening Iloilo, he  said he will not relax unless illegal drug trade is totally eradicated not only in Iloilo but in the entire country. — Mon Jocson | UNTV News & Rescue



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    PNP cancels Espenido’s transfer to Iloilo City

    by UNTV News   |   Posted on Monday, September 4th, 2017


    ILOILO CITY, Philippines — The reassignment of Ozamiz City Police Chief Jovie Espenido as officer in charge of Iloilo City police has been cancelled.

    This was stated by Western Visayas Regional Director Chief Superintendent Cesar Hawthorne Binag in a press conference in Iiloilo City last Saturday.

    Binag said, the order came from Camp Crame, but the reason for the cancellation was not disclosed.

    The Philippine National Police (PNP) assigned Police Senior Superintendent Henry Biñas as officer-in-charge of Iloilo City Police while Espenido remains as Ozamiz City chief police.

    Based on the statement released by Malacañang, through Presidential Spokesperson Secretary Ernesto Abella, the decision of the PNP officials is based on their policies and process in reassignment, transfer and designation of their personnel.

    Abella encouraged everyone to support and respect the order of the officials of the national police.

    It is also recalled that Espenido initially requested President Rodrigo Duterte not to remove him from Ozamiz because he is still not finished with his duties in the city. — Vincent Arboleda | UNTV News & Rescue

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    Police Chief Inspector Jovie Espenido appeals to President Duterte to extend his stay in Ozamiz City

    by UNTV   |   Posted on Thursday, August 31st, 2017

    Many residents of Ozamiz City are worried over the decision of President Rodrigo Duterte to transfer Police Chief Jovie Espenido to Iloilo City.

    Many of them are regretting the unfinished service of the said police chief.

    Even Espenido is having regrets, that’s why he wanted to ask President Duterte to give him more time to finish the campaign against illegal drugs that he has started in Ozamiz City.

    “If he would give me more time… the sibling of Aldong, the nephew of Aldon and leaders of leaders organized crime groups are still in Ozamiz City,” said Espenido.

    However, he noted he is not complaining about his transfer.


    Meanwhile, Espenido warned the Parojinogs who are in hiding and to their allies who are still committing crimes.

    Now the people are seeking revenge… I am representing the government, from the people, specifically in Ozamiz, to seek revenge. It’s only you who are happy. You are doing this for your own personal interest,” said the official.

    Espenido is personally supervising the creation of a group he calls “Alsa Masa” that will help authorities address criminality in Ozamiz City. — Victor Cosare | UNTV News & Rescue

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