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    PH-China economic ties likely the reason behind ASEAN ministers’ “weak” stance on South China Sea – Golez

    by UNTV News   |   Posted on Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

    MANILA, Philippines — Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano forefronts economic progress as the reason why the ASEAN foreign ministers, in their statement on Tuesday, did not highlight the arbitral ruling favoring Philippines over China in the West Philippine Sea dispute.

    “There is no doubt we do not like the actions of some players including China in the past, but we need to have progress. If you go back in the past just to scold, it’s regressive,” he said.

    Former national security adviser Rolio Golez said the Duterte administration is balancing out our relations with China given the economic benefits from our engagement with them.

    “They want to avoid an irritant. The Philippines as the host, the president would like to strengthen the economic engagement with China, economic package that we got last year, project, loans, credit, grants, investments and also trade, so they are giving that priority right now,” said Golez.

    However, Golez voiced out his concern that the Philippines’ refusal to assert its rights over the West Philippine Sea might affect its position in the long run.
    “Medyo delikado ang trade off na iyon (That trade off can be dangerous). Hindi natin alam ano ang magiging epekto nito sa ating paninindigan (We do not know how it will affect our stand) because we will have to negotiate the arbitral ruling. Now, a lot of people are worried, including myself that this might weaken our position in the end,” he said.

    Director of the Institute for Maritime Affairs and Law of the Sea, Atty. Jay Batongbacal, meanwhile believes it is a small victory already that the ASEAN ministers emphasized the importance of non-militarization, even if China is finished with its installations in the disputed waters.

    He added, however that the consistencies in the statements of Sec. Cayetano and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi prove that the two countries have reached an accord and are coordinated in terms of their respective positions in the issue.

    Many are expecting that at the end of the ASEAN meetings this year, under the chairmanship of the Philippines, ASEAN will finalize the code of conduct that might be legally binding for all countries that have overlapping claims on some areas in the West Philippines Sea. — Joyce Balancio | UNTV News & Rescue



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    9,000 cops, soldiers, gov’t personnel  deployed to Clark City, Pampanga for ASEAN Defense Ministers’ Meeting

    by UNTV   |   Posted on Friday, October 20th, 2017

    MANILA, Philippines — In preparation for the upcoming 11th ASEAN Defense Ministers Meeting (ADMM) next week the Task Group Clark ASEAN 2017, composed of cops from the Philippine National Police (PNP) Region-3; soldiers; and personnel from other government agencies like the departments of interior and local government, health, and social welfare and development, have been deployed to Clark Field, Pampanga.

    Among the areas they will strictly monitor and guard against lawless elements, are the Clark International Airport, the hotels where the delegates are expected to stay and the venue of their meetings.

    The PNP called on the public to cooperate with the security measures authorities will enforce within and around Clark.

    Although the entire Clark will remain open to the public during the big event, the police will set up checkpoints at all of its gates.

    “There will be security inspection in all gates going inside Clark, so there will be vehicle inspection in some areas, there will be under vehicle inspection in some areas also. then we will be using K9, NEDD’s in some areas and gates,” said PNP Regional Director Task Group Clark Commander PCSupt. Amador Corpuz

    Authorities will also implement a re-routing scheme on roads near the venue of the ASEAN meetings.

    The police said that although it receives no threats, it will remain on high alert.

    “As of now when it comes to threat of terrorism we did not receive any direct threat to the activity but of course we are preparing more than that and we have designed some scenarios in relation those threats,” said Commander Corpuz.

    The PNP hopes that the conduct of the ASEAN Summit in the province will become orderly and peaceful. — Grace Casin | UNTV News & Rescue

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    19,000 cops to form security force in ASEAN leaders’ summit

    by UNTV   |   Posted on Monday, October 9th, 2017

    MANILA, Philippines — The Department of foreign affairs (DFA) considers the Association of Southeast Asian (ASEAN) leader’s summit as the biggest meeting to be hosted by the Philippines, this year’s ASEAN chairman.

    The summit will run from the 13th to the 15th of November.

    According to the DFA, one of the topics that would be discussed in the meeting is the creation of a code of conduct in the West Philippine Sea to the east the tension among the countries claiming sovereignty over the said body of water.

    “Of course when there is tension, our fishermen are also affected. When the tension is too high, we could not talk well. We could not cooperate well on the matters that we should address,” said the DFA spokesperson.

    Malacañang also confirmed that United States President Donald Trump will also attend the meeting.

    The prime ministers of Japan, Australia, and Canada will also attend as well as the foreign minister of China.

    United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is also expected to participate in the summit to discuss the role of the regional bloc in the global fight against terrorism.

    The Philippine National Police (PNP) continues to prepare for the meeting in November.

    About 9,000 policemen are to be deployed in metro manila and other areas across Luzon.

    The biggest number of cops will be assigned to the civil disturbance management unit as to prepare for possible protests.

    “We expect some protesters here although we are not expecting many but we have monitored that some groups want to hold a protest,” said NCRPO chief PDir. Oscar Albayalde.

    Authorities will also monitor the Clark City in Pampanga as the delegates are expected to land there.

    The world leaders who will attend the summit are expected to start arriving in the Philippines on the eight of November.

    Authorities will also conduct a series of dry runs on areas the convoy of delegates will pass through like SCTEX, NLEX, EDSA and Roxas Boulevard.

    They will also implement a stop and go scheme every time a delegate will pass by.

    The public is advised to expect more convoy dry runs in the coming days. — Rajel Adora | UNTV News & Rescue



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    Girlfriend of Las Vegas shooter maintains she had no warning of the attack

    by UNTV   |   Posted on Thursday, October 5th, 2017

    “My heart breaks for all who have lost loved ones. I knew Stephen Paddock as a kind, caring, quiet man. I loved him and hoped for a quiet future together with him. He never said anything to me, or took any action that I was aware of that I understood in any way to be a warning that something horrible like this was going to happen.”

    This was the statement of Marilou Danley, who returned from the Philippines to the United States late Tuesday, as read by her Attorney Matt Lombard, outside the Los Angeles FBI offices.

    Danley is a “person of interest” in the investigation, according to Las Vegas police.

    Authorities are seeking to learn what motivated Stephen Paddock to open fire on a Las Vegas Music Festival, killing 58 people and then himself.

    Danley said Paddock was the one who convinced her to take a vacation in the Philippines to visit her children. While in the Philippines, Paddock sent money to his partner so she could buy a house.

    “I was grateful, but honestly I was worried that first, the unexpected trip home, and then the money, was a way of breaking up with me. It never occurred to me in any way whatsoever that he was planning violence against anyone,” said Lomba.

    Meanwhile, her sisters in Australia, who spoke on condition of anonymity, on Wednesday expressed their sentiments on the case.

    “I know that she doesn’t know anything as well like us. She was sent away. She was sent away so that she will be not there to interfere with what he’s planning,” said an unidentified sister of Marilou Danley.

    “Well she won’t let that happen, she would definitely stop something whatever what he was planning,” she added.

    Danley calls for a respect of her privacy and of her family. She said she is extremely saddened by the incident and extends her condolences to the victims and their families. She vows to fully cooperate with authorities on the course of the investigation.

    “Put the puzzles together. No one. Except for Marilou. Because Steve is not here to talk anymore. Only Marilou can maybe help,” said Danley’s unidentified sister.— Reuters



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