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New York bar serves up gold-dusted chicken wings

by admin   |   Posted on Tuesday, 12 June 2018 12:32 PM

Golden Chicken Wings on plate. Image grab from Reuters video

A New York restaurateur hopes to strike gold with foodies by elevating the chicken wing by dressing it up in the shimmering precious metal.

Two Manhattan locations of “The Ainstworth” are now selling 24-karat gold dusted chicken wings, which adds “the right touch” to the beloved bar food staple, said owner Brian Mazza.

“I felt like gold would be great to pop on Instagram and gold is you know in. A lot of people are wearing gold now,” he said.

Despite its extravagant exterior, the preparation of the wings is rather conventional, involving brining, frying and tossing it in a honey-chipotle sauce.

“After that process then our chef has the magic touch and then puts the gold on,” Mazza explained.

An Instagram-worthy snap of the glittery wings doesn’t come cheap. The bar sells 10 wings for $45 (USD), 20 wings for $90 at its Chelsea and East Village Locations. For deep-pocketed guests, the bar also offers a special package for $1,000, which will get you 50 wings plus a bottle of Champagne Armand de Brignac owned by Jay-Z.  — Reuters

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World’s most vomit-inducing foods go on display in Los Angeles

by admin   |   Posted on Wednesday, 19 December 2018 12:40 PM



Grasshopper in Disgusting Food Museum | Reuters

A selection of some of the planet’s most stomach-turning foods, including maggot cheese, fish sperm sac sushi and Chinese mouse wine, are on display in Los Angeles as part of a new exhibition which aims to delight and disgust in equal measure.

The “Disgusting Food Museum” displays dishes from around the world in a bid to challenge stereotypes about what ingredients one would consider to be disgusting.

“We wanted to have a conversation about what food was and the history that food has, how it becomes part of our tradition and how we grow up around it and we’re not aware that it changes our taste, the way we look at the world,” said Chief Curator Anthony Morey.

“We start to realize that if what we find disgusting is somebody else’s delicacy then that’s going to be vice versa the same situation and they’re going to look at us the same way,” he added.

After museum visitors make their way through the exhibition, which includes dishes and delicacies from around the world, they pass a tasting bar where they can sample some of the items, including Iceland’s cured shark, Hakarl, and Sardinia’s Casu Marzu cheese, which is riddled with insect larvae. There is also Sweden’s smelly Surstromming fermented herring.

“I couldn’t try all of them, there were only three things on that bar that I wouldn’t try. It was the ‘hakarl’ which is the fermented shark, a cheese which is described as smelling like a corpse I believe, and I wouldn’t try the century egg, which is just a fermented egg which apparently wasn’t as bad as it looked but I’m not going to try that,” said 24-year-old Wes Hauptman after bravely sampling a number of the offerings.

Amelia Kuranda Stone, who was visiting the Los Angeles exhibit on her 25th birthday, said it made her think about the sustainability of food sources.

“In America everything is very sweet, very salty, we only eat muscle meats, so I think it would be a lot more sustainable to try and spread out and like find other things that you can add to your palate,” she said, after sampling a spoonful of crunchy Mexican crickets.

Others were not so fearless.

“I would lick a couple of things … there was no way I was putting anything in my mouth that I had to chew, forget it,” said Victoria Lautman, who was visiting the museum with a friend.

And if the strong smells and tastes get too much for visitors, there is no need to panic as a vomit bag is included in the price of admission.

Disgusting Food Museum runs at Los Angeles’ A+D Architecture and Design Museum until February 17. — Reuters

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Google to spend $1 billion on new campus in New York

by admin   |   Posted on Tuesday, 18 December 2018 10:01 AM



Alphabet Inc’s Google is investing more than $1 billion (USD) on a new campus in New York, becoming the second major technology company after Amazon to pick America’s financial capital to expand and create thousands of jobs.

The 1.7 million square-foot campus, called Google Hudson Square, will include leased properties at Hudson Street and Washington Street, the company said in a blog post on Monday (December 17).

Google hopes to start moving into the buildings beginning in 2020 and plans to double its New York headcount to 14,000 in the next 10 years.

“What firms need to do is go where people want to work, where they can get the talent and New York is one of those cities that has sort of proved itself as being able to attract young, tech, millennial type talent,” said Peter Muoio, executive vice president and head of research at Ten-X Commercial, the nation’s largest online platform where commercial real estate is bought and sold.

Google plans to invest outside its home base mirror those of other U.S. tech giants such as Apple Inc., which said last week it would spend $1 billion to build a new campus in Austin, Texas.

Last month, Amazon.com Inc said it would open offices in New York and the Washington, D.C., area, creating more than 25,000 jobs.

“I think what really drives these decisions is the lack of enough workers to fill their needs just in Silicon Valley. And so I think what Amazon is doing and what Apple’s doing in Austin and what Google just announced in New York are just all manifestations of their need for a more diversified and broader workforce than what they can get in Silicon Valley,” Muoio said.

Google’s first New York office at 111 Eighth Avenue is one of the city’s largest buildings that it bought in 2010 for $1.77 billion.

Earlier this year, the company announced a $2.4 billion purchase of the Manhattan Chelsea Market. It also has leased space on Pier 57 jutting into the Hudson, which will create a four-block campus. — Reuters

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Google workers walk out to protest office harassment, inequality

by admin   |   Posted on Friday, 2 November 2018 11:10 AM


Aerial of employees walking out of Google | REUTERS

Hundreds of Google employees and contractors in New York and Washington, D.C. staged brief midday walkouts on Thursday, (November 1) with more expected to follow at offices worldwide, amid complaints of sexism, racism and unchecked executive power in their workplace.

In a statement late on Wednesday, the organizers called on Google parent Alphabet Inc to add an employee representative to its board of directors and internally share pay-equity data. They also asked for changes to Google’s human resources practices intended to make bringing harassment claims a fairer process.

Google Chief Executive Sundar Pichai said in a statement that “employees have raised constructive ideas” and that the company was “taking in all their feedback so we can turn these ideas into action.”

The workers who filed out of its New York headquarters shortly after 1100 local time were hoping for “real change” and to be treated equally. — Reuters

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