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Kin of a viral bully victim calls for reinvestigation of case

by UNTV News   |   Posted on Monday, March 5th, 2018

BULLYING: A viral bullying video shows a female student repeatedly slapping a fellow student.


MANILA, Philippines —   A video of some school girls bullying their classmate recently went viral on social media.

The video shows one of them pointing and cursing at the seated victim before slapping her a few times.

They were later identified as students of Sacred Heart College in Lucena City, Quezon Province.

Based on a statement issued by the school, this happened a year ago. They have already talked with the parties involved and have resolved the case.

But according to the grandmother of the victim, while they may have been summoned by the school, they were not aware of the severity of the bullying done to her grandchild.

She said the bullied girl’s mother, who is an overseas Filipino worker (OFW), was shocked to see the severity of the violence and have called for re-investigation of the case.

“Wala naman daw akong ebidensya.  Hindi daw nila nabigyan ng sanction kasi nga nag-usap na kami na nag-sorry yung bata pero hindi ko alam na ganoon ka tindi. Kasi kung inamin nila yun noong nagharap kami noong una, hindi ako papayag,” said the victim’s grandmother.

(They said I had no evidence. They were not sanctioned because when we met, the child apologized but I did not know then of the severity of the offense. If they had they admitted it during our meeting, I would not have allowed it.)

After the said meeting last year, it was learned that there are other incidents of bullying against her grandchild.

With the viral video, the child allegedly experienced trauma and refused to go to school, so they asserted they will not stop unless the incident has been addressed.

“Sa totoo lang, ang apo ko noong malaman na pati ang school nadamay, nalungkot siya. Nalungkot siya talaga kaya lang ayaw na niyang pumasok hangga’t nanduon yung ibang involve na kung hindi matatanggal yung talagang involved dyan,” said the victim’s grandmother.

(Actually, when my grandchild heard that the school is being dragged, she was saddened. She’s really sad about it but she refuses to return to school while the personalities involved are still there.)

The school administration assured it will investigate the incident anew and will give an opportunity for each party to explain their side.

On the other hand, the local government of Lucena City said they are more concerned about the video reposting as this may likely become an instrument to promote cyberbullying against the minors involved in the incident. — UNTV News & Rescue

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Fire raze religious sanctuary, establishments in Lucena City

by UNTV News and Rescue   |   Posted on Monday, May 8th, 2017

QUEZON — A religious group’s place of gathering and six nearby establishments in Lucena City went ablaze, Friday afternoon.

The fire reached second alarm and lasted for almost one hour. There were no reported casualties in the incident.

Lucena City Bureau of Fire Protection said the value of the damaged properties amounts to approximately P1.1 million.

“Sila ay totally burned. Ibig sabihin ay walang papakinabangan, sunog na talaga,” said Lucena City Bureau of Fire Protection. (The buildings were totally burnt, they cannot be used anymore.) — UNTV News & Rescue

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DepEd reiterates proper discipline and treatment of students especially those with special needs

by UNTV News   |   Posted on Thursday, June 16th, 2016

Bruises on the thigh of a SPED student is pictured in a photo posted by Conrado Soriano on his Facebook account.

Bruises on the thigh of a SPED student is pictured in a photo posted by Conrado Soriano on his Facebook account.

PASIG CITY, Philippines — Netizens’ attention was caught by the Facebook post of Mang Conrado about his grandson who belongs to the special education class of a public school.

The seven-year old with special needs came from a private school but was forced to transfer in a public school because of financial problems.

According to his grandmother, on the first day of class on June 13, the child suddenly disappeared from his classroom.

Based on the schedule, his dismissal is set at 12 in the afternoon. However, the teacher dismissed the class earlier than expected at past 10 in the morning without even notifying the parents and guardians.

“Because he is special, anything can happen in just a moment he gets lost or when you suddenly let go of him. Anything can happen if for example he gets out of the place or be hit by a car, or be accompanied by a stranger. How will I find my grandson? Non-verbal, you cannot even ask his name if he doesn’t know you or would not even talk to you if he is not comfortable with you,” said Loida Soriano, grandmother.

When they got home, she noticed the bruises on his thigh which looked like he got from being pinched.

The child is now scared and hesitant to go to school.

Together with UNTV, the Conrado couple and Loida Soriano consulted the situation of their grandson at the DepEd Command Center.

DepEd Assistant Secretary Tonisito Umali re-emphasized the existence of DepEd Order No. 40 series of 2012 or the Child Protection policy.

“Child abuse again committed by an adult against a child. Bullying again committed by a student again by another student is one of the things we are serious about,” Asec. Umali said.

The complaint was immediately submitted to the legal department for investigation to be given proper action.

“It is the Regional Office of the Department of Education which has the jurisdiction to commence an investigation and impose proper disciplinary measures if a respondent teacher is proven guilty,” Umali explained.

The department is saddened that there is a situation like this and hope it serves as a reminder to all teachers and employees of the department.

According to the secretary, parents and students can hope for a strict implementation and monitoring to protect the youth.

Verbal, physical or emotional abuse of a child with special needs is guarded closely by the department due to the sensitive nature of their case. DepEd underscores the particualr attention and guidance needed by these children to be able to enjoy the same educational privileges of normal students.


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DepEd reiterates the importance of teachers imposing discipline to students

by UNTV News   |   Posted on Monday, June 6th, 2016

A Department of Educations's book that serves as a guide to teachers on how to impose discipline to students is pictured in a photo. (UNTV NEWS)

A Department of Educations’s book that serves as a guide to teachers on how to impose discipline to students is pictured in a photo.

PASIG CITY, Philippines — Every classroom has its fair share of unruly and obnoxious students who oftentimes push teachers to teach them a hard lesson on discipline.

Based on the data provided by the Department of Education (DepEd), 2 of the 10 cases of violence among schools which they have received speaks about corporal punishment or the use of violence to discipline a child.

While 80% is related to bullying.

Under the Department Order No. 40 Series of 2012 or the Child Protection Policy states that DepEd prohibits maltreatment, abuse, bullying and any form of violent discipline of teachers to their students.

It has likewise, assigned public schools in the elementary and high school levels to put together a child protection committee which will help provide protection and welfare among students.

And to further amplify the department’s campaign, earlier, DepEd launched a book which will serve as a guide to teachers in order to acquire positive methods in disciplining students.

A number of non-government organizations such as E-net Philippines and Save the Children are some of the partners of the Department of Health in the development of this concept.

DepEd Secretary Armin Luistro said, “Aside from anger, use of offensive languages, there are other ways to carry out disciplinary actions among children such as explanation and other methods to show the children that there are other ways [ to discipline a child].”

Experts’ studies says, incorrect punishment of children may have a negative impact as he mingles with friends and associates with other people.

It can also affect a child’s brain development and may result to hurting other people.

Aside from the teachers, DepEd similarly wants to train parents on positive discipline techniques.

“We have heard that violence such as spanking doesn’t only occur in schools but in their very homes as well . That is why we need to impart this guide to the parents who likewise, lack training,” Sec. Luistro said.

The books are being distributed for free to public school teachers nationwide.

To those who wish to get a copy of the said book, it can also be downloaded through their website www.deped.gov.ph.

According to DepEd, any teacher who is found guilty of maltreatment or have exercised any form of violence into one of their students is likely to face suspension or will be removed from teaching.


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