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Green group pushes for nationwide total firecracker ban

by admin   |   Posted on Thursday, 6 December 2018 02:16 PM

MANILA, Philippines — The Department of Health is gearing up its annual anti-firecrackers’ campaign, “Oplan: Iwas Paputok, Fireworks Display Ang Patok,” which aims to reduce the number of firecracker-related injuries by steering the public away from its use and supporting community fireworks displays in celebrating the new year.

The campaign is in compliance with President Rodrigo Duterte’s Executive Order (EO) No. 28 which seeks to regulate and control the use of firecrackers and other pyrotechnic devices.

However, for environmental group EcoWaste Coalition, all kinds of firecrackers must be banned in the entire country.

“Bagama’t nakikibahagi tayo dito sa kampanya ng Department of Health ay mayroon pa ring talagang sariling posisyon yung EcoWaste at talagang yan ay ang pagpipigil o pagba-ban talaga ng paggamit kahit anong klaseng paputok,” said EcoWaste Coalition chemical safety campaigner, Anthony Dizon.

He added that legalizing firecrackers will not diminish the hazards it poses to the general public.

“Legal man yan o ilegal magdudulot pa rin yan ng pinsala lalong-lalo na sa kamay na mismo o kung hawak na yan ng mga bata,” said Dizon.

The group also distributed copies of a draft ordinance to all local government units in the 17 cities of Metro Manila to campaign for the total firecracker ban.

The group insists that just like in Davao City, which has long adopted the ban, it is also possible to implement the proposed ordinance in other parts of the country.

“Maghanap ng alternatibong panghanap buhay sa mga kababayan natin lalong-lalo na sa mga nagtitinda o nagpro- produce nito,” suggested Dizon.

Meanwhile, the Bureau of Fire Protection has already recorded 19 firecracker related incidents nationwide. — Chato Alonsagay (with reports from Cathy Maglalang)

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Water shortage increases use of disposable products—Ecowaste

by UNTV News   |   Posted on Friday, 15 March 2019 04:19 PM

Residents are using a lot of single-use plastic disposables due to the ongoing water service interruption and it is hurting the environment, according to Ecowaste Coalition.

The environmental group said eateries and other households are turning to plastic-based items, to avoid using water amid the shortage. 

“The increased demand for disposable items during this time of water scarcity will surely add to the volume of residual garbage that generators from households to business establishments churn out every day,” said Aileen Lucero, National Coordinator, EcoWaste Coalition.

Lucero said more businesses might buy and use more single-use plastic disposables during the waterless period.

The group hopes for the water shortage to be resolved soon and urging residents to intensify water saving measures. —Aileen Cerrudo

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Muntinlupa, Las Piñas to strictly impose firecracker ban

by admin   |   Posted on Friday, 28 December 2018 04:36 PM


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MANILA, Philippines — Muntinlupa and Las Piñas City will strictly prohibit the use of any of firecracker in welcoming the new year based on the two cities respective ordinances.

City Ordinance No. 14-052 of Muntinlupa and City Ordinance No. 1484-17 of Las Pinas City state that all kinds of firecrackers are prohibited to prevent disasters.

Authorities only allow community fireworks display with a permit from the Philippine National Police (PNP) and Bureau of Fire Protections (BFP). — UNTV News & Rescue

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Toxic watchdog warns of mercury pollution from lamp waste

by admin   |   Posted on Thursday, 12 April 2018 07:14 PM

EcoWaste Coalition warns of mercury pollution from lamp waste.

MANILA, Philippines — Environmental group, EcoWaste Coalition called on the local governments to impose a collection program for special wastes such as lamp waste.

This is due to health and environmental risks posed by mercury-containing wastes.

According to Dr. Bessie Antonio, a toxicologist, mercury exposure can affect the nervous, digestive, respiratory and immune systems.

Aside from this, when mercury vaporizes it can contaminate the air and the environment.

The environment group said one of the causes of mercury pollution is unsafe handling and improper disposal of fluorescent bulbs that contain mercury.

According to the Environmental Management Bureau, over 370 tons of mercury-waste products are disposed of each year. — UNTV News & Rescue

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