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    Government to begin construction of transitional shelters for Marawi evacuees

    by UNTV News   |   Posted on Thursday, August 10th, 2017

    Task Force Bangon Marawi targets to build a total of 1,200 transition shelters for the displaced residents of war-torn Marawi City.

    Department of National Defense (DND) undersecretary for operation Cesar Yano said the government prioritizes the construction of temporary shelters, which will begin next month.

    Each shelter will be 22 square meters in size, equipped with a toilet as well as power and water supply.

    Yano said a transitional shelter, can be built within three days. “We considered the sentiments of our Muslim brothers and sisters. They don’t want the tents because of sensitivities,” he said.

    Despite this, Usec. Yano admitted that the, 1200 transitional houses cannot accommodate all 79,000 families still living at evacuation centers.

    This is why, the official noted, they would leave the distribution of temporary shelters up to the local executives as they are more knowledgeable of who should receive it.

    “The prioritization will be done by the local chief executives in consultation with his barangay captains,” said Yano.

    The official however refuses to divulge the budget for a unit of the transition shelter. — Lea Ylagan| UNTV News & Rescue

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    Alleged ISIS recruiter nabbed in Taguig City

    by UNTV News   |   Posted on Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

    Karen Aizha Hamidon

    MANILA, Philippines – Thirty-six year old Karen Aizha Hamidon is facing 14 counts of inciting to rebellion for allegedly recruiting foreign terrorists to join the rebellion in Marawi City.

    She was arrested by agents of National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)-Counter Terrorism Division in her house in Taguig City last October 11 by virtue of a search warrant.

    More charges will be filed against Hamidon after investigators discovered from her cellphone 296 posts in social media application, Telegram calling on local and foreign terrorists to join the rebellion of Maute-ISIS.

    “This was the message that she posted when the operatives of the Counter Terrorism Division arrested her. She said that: ‘The soldiers of Taghut are desperate to defeat the Muhajireen of the Islamic State of Marawi City…but Wallahi they won’t be successful. They won’t be able to defeat the force of Dawlah because Allah (Azza wa Jaal is on their side).

    That is why the Dawlah is once again inviting all our Ikhwaanil Muslimeen in all parts of the Philippines and around the world to support our Muhajireen of East Asia. Let us go to Marawi, in Mindanao to join the war against the conquerors of the soldiers of Tawagheet’,” Atty. Raoul Manguerra said.

    Justice Sec. Vitaliano Aguirre said the charges against Hamidon could be elevated to rebellion.

    “Although she was not fighting with the ISIS or Maute group in Marawi, the action of the subject clearly denotes that she was in conspiracy with the rebels. So in my opinion, she should be charged not only of inciting to rebellion but of the crime of rebellion itself,” Aguirre said.

    Hamidon is allegedly the wife of Mohammad Jaafar Maguid, the slain leader of Ansar Khalifa Philippines, the group that orchestrated the bombing of Davao City night market in September last year.

    She was also a wife of Muhammad Shamin Mohammed Sidek, the Singaporean national arrested for his links to ISIS.

    NBI said Hamidon first became a person of interest in the middle of 2016 when she successfully recruited Indian nationals to join radical Islamic groups in Mindanao. – Roderic Mendoza | UNTV News & Rescue

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    CHR to probe military ops in Marawi for possible violation of human rights

    by UNTV   |   Posted on Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

    MANILA, Philippines — The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) is now verifying complaints of human rights violation during military operations in Marawi City.

    The CHR said that they have already tasked their personnel to monitor the situation from the time martial law was declared in Mindanao.

    One thing they consider in battles the likes of Marawi siege is if the rules of engagement were followed.

    “Para ma-ensure na yung karapatan nung mga nasa kabila ay meron ding respeto (This is to ensure that the rights of the other parties are also respected),” said CHR Policy Advisory Office OIC Atty. Gemma Parojinog.

    The commission clarified they are concerned with the aspect of human rights whether they are soldiers or terrorists.

    The CHR now hopes that the government will immediately rehabilitate the war-torn city.

    “We are looking forward na meron nang pagtingin sa rehabilitasyon na inclusive at yung usapin ng mga IDP’s (internally displaced persons) ay mabigyan ng pansin sa tamang panahon (We look forward to efforts on rehabilitation that are inclusive and that attention will be given to issues concerning IDP’s),” said Parojinog

    The commission also seeks for the lifting of martial law in Mindanao.

    “Ngayon na wala nang threat (Now that there is no more threat), because the Constitution says imminent threat. In fact, the President declared that it is liberated already,” said the OIC.  — Rey Pelayo | UNTV News & Rescue





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    Evacuees express anger and fear over Marawi crisis

    by UNTV   |   Posted on Monday, October 16th, 2017

    MANILA, Philippines — During get-togethers filled with conversations and laughter, some evacuees temporarily forget the nightmare they experienced in Marawi.

    But fear still remains along with doubt, especially since the crisis in the city is yet to be over.

    “Until now, we are still afraid because of the number of bombs we heard in Marawi,” said Naima Suba, a local resident.

    “It is difficult to even walk around because you know, you might meet a soldier and if you do not have an ID, they will tag you as ISIS,” said Bai Muna Amintao.

    Naima Suba and Bai Muna Amintao are among the more than 400 evacuees residing in Barangay Bito Buadi Itowa in Marawi City, just a few kilometers away from the war zone.

    The evacuees are uncomfortable in the tents they are staying in because of the mud surrounding the area brought about by frequents rains.

    Temporary shelters have been built but not enough.

    “We are looking for ways to add more because some IDPs (internally displaced persons) living in tents are pitiful. The afternoons are too hot and when it gets cold, it’s really cold,” said Brgy. Bito Buadi Itowa chairman, Solaiman Ali.

    But aside from feeling fear, residents are also angry toward the people responsible for the on-going crisis in Marawi.

    Months before the siege, some had received reports that there will be an attack — but it was not given importance.

    “Six months before the war happened we heard that there will be war in Marawi,” said Amintao.  “They thought it will last one or two days. That would’ve been fine, but they did not expect that until now, the war is not yet over.”

    They are hoping that they can return to their homes but what concerns them is whether they still have homes to return to.

    “We do not know what happened to our house if it was bombed or burned because we have not gone there up to now,” said Suba. —Victor Cosare | UNTV News & Rescue


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