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Duterte to Joma Sison: ‘Don’t ever return home’

by Marje Pelayo   |   Posted on Thursday, December 6th, 2018

(L-R) President Rodrigo Duterte and CPP founder and NDFP chief political consultant Jose Maria Sison


MANILA, Philippines – President Rodrigo Duterte has had enough of the Joma Sison and the Reds.

In a speech during the Presidential Awards for Filipino Individuals and Organizations Overseas in Malacañang on Wednesday (December 5), the President said he will no longer negotiate with the communist group especially on matters regarding the peace process.

Likewise, he said he is taking back his offer to communist leader Joma Sison of not arresting him once he returns to the Philippines.

Instead, President Duterte advised Sison to never ever return.

“And itong komunista, I’m no longer ready to talk to you. I’ve done it before. Magmukha lang tayong g*go. You insult me, I insult you. Para tayong bata. Huwag ka na lang umuwi dito. I promise you, I’ll slap you. ‘Pag ipinilit mo sa airport, umuwi ka dito, put***na mo, sampalin kita talaga. Sige ka. Ipakain ko ‘yang pustiso mo l***** ka.  T*** i** ‘tong mayabang. Akala mo kung sino,” the President said as he vented his anger.

Talking about the communists’ ways of doing things, the Chief Executive noted that revolution will never do any good to the country’s economy.

“Tapos from one convoluted brain, maniniwala kayo diyan kay Sison? You know, if you want to transform this country, you have to do it by evolution. It cannot be revolution. Dahan-dahan lang,” he stressed.

There were reports that the Department of National Defense (DND), through Secretary Delfin Lorenzana, preferred not to recommend to the President a holiday truce in view that the communist rebels would only use it to reinforce their group after a number of rebels have decided to surrender.

Last year, both sides decided on a 60-day suspension of offensive operations in view of the holiday season.

On December 26, the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) will celebrate its 50th founding anniversary.

The military and police, as expected, will employ stringent measures and strengthen their forces for potential rebel activities relative to their anniversary. – Marje Pelayo (with reports from Rosalie Coz)

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Former Senator Alvarez withdraws from congressional race

by Maris Federez   |   Posted on Sunday, May 12th, 2019

Former Senator Heherson Alvarez (Photo courtesy: Dayao Ti Amianan)

Former Senator Heherson Alvarez has withdrawn his bid for a congressional seat in the 4th congressional district of Isabela, two days ahead of the May 13 Midterm Elections.

In his statement released on Saturday (May 11), Alvarez who “had hoped that this election would have been (his) last effort to render public service after several decades of cumulative experience,” said that the blatant practice of vote-buying had led to his decision to withdraw.

The former lawmaker claimed that “the massive and overwhelming vote-buying makes the electoral process a sham.”

He added that “vote-buying is vote-killing and it is as destructive to our democracy as drug is as destructive to our physical well-being.”

Alvarez also said that he “cannot continue in this political exercise that violates (the) precious political freedom of choice of leaders.”

He called on the public to renounce, denounce and withdraw tolerance on vote-buying lest the country withers away because of it.

He also cited President Rodrigo Duterte’s warning to jail the perpetrators of vote-buying and to “make those who undermine our free suffrage accountable to our laws and constitution.”

The former senator also thanked the President for his endorsement as the standard bearer of Partido Demokratikong Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban) in Isabela’s 4th congressional district.

He also made an appeal for the people to “stand up and assist the President to strengthen our democratic system.” /mbmf

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Duterte advises Filipinos to ‘follow rules’ on Election Day

by Marje Pelayo   |   Posted on Friday, May 10th, 2019

MANILA, Philippines – The 2019 Midterm polls is only three days away, and with this, President Rodrigo Duterte reminds all political candidates and voters to “just follow (election) rules” on Monday (May 13).

The last day of campaigning is on Saturday (May 11) and the President is expected to join the meeting de avance of his party Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban) in Pasig City.

“I promised the people that this election and every other election that will take place during my time, or (under) my watch — you just follow rules. It’s when you start to break rules (that’s when problems start). Sundin mo lang ang batas at walang problema, (Abide by the law and (we’ll) have no problem),” the President stressed.

The Chief Executive also advised both admin and opposition candidates to respect each other’s respective ideals and positions on public issues.

“This is for my candidates and for the opposition. Everybody’s stand or position must be respected. That is the rule in this country. This is democracy,” he emphasized.

President Duterte is likely to stay in Davao City on the day of the election on Monday where he is also expected to cast his vote.

The President said he leaves it to the people to decide on the election day emphasizing that he has no intention of convincing anyone to vote for the candidates he endorses.

“Let’s talk about national candidates. It’s up to you if you believe it or not. I won’t try to convince you. I’m not going to say, ‘vote for these candidates,’” he said.

President Duterte believes that not all of his senatorial bets will win the election but he reiterates to all Filipino voters to think it over and carefully list down their preferences before they go out to vote.

“I know you have about 12. I do not think that… Well, on the law of averages, I do not think that this 12 will make it,” President Duterte said.

“But kung ito lang man ipalit ninyo, you better think, please. (But if you would replace them with just anyone, you better think, please.) Think hard and sleep on it tonight. It’s (the election is) just around the corner,” he concluded. – Marje Pelayo (with details from Rosalie Coz)

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Duterte, no interest in filing cases vs alleged ‘matrix’ plotters

by Aileen Cerrudo   |   Posted on Thursday, May 9th, 2019

President Rodrigo Duterte has no interest in filing charges against the alleged plotters included in the “ouster” matrix.

READ: DOJ to look into Malacañang’s new oust Duterte matrix

On Wednesday (May 8), the Malacañang released a new ouster matrix linking the Liberal party, Magdalo group, and several media outfit in an attempt to discredit the president.

Duterte also said there is a non-Filipino intelligence community.

“Now their Otso [Diretso] has created another black propaganda. So I revealed it. There is an intelligence community but it’s not Filipino. Actually, you would know who it is if you try to read my character. That was revealed in the matrix. They released black propaganda that included my daughter. I’m not interested to file cases,” he said.

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