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    DILG, DOH identify smoking areas under nationwide smoking ban

    by UNTV News   |   Posted on Tuesday, September 5th, 2017


    MANILA, Philippines — Confusion abounds over the implementation of the nationwide smoking ban, particularly on the designated smoking areas in cities.

    In an interview with Daniel Razon on the program, Huntahan, Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Assistant Secretary Epimaco Densing clarified that although business establishments must have designated smoking areas, smoking in open spaces is also allowed.

    The local government units, who are the principal implementer of the said law, are also the ones designating the specific smoking areas.

    “Key words are: public places, designated smoking areas in enclosed areas.  These are covered areas and public conveyances,” said Densing.

    “I myself am confused when we say public places. Like what you’re saying, when you’re on the road you are in an open space, can you smoke? Is that right?” Razon asked.

    “What is defined under the Executive Order 26 as public places, the definition is very specific. Hospital, schools, markets, whether open or close, they are considered public places. But open spaces refer to sidewalks, not covered, that’s where they are allowed to smoke,” explained Densing.

    The Department of Health (DOH), on the other hand, said every city has its own ordinance against smoking that need to be adhered to.

    With this, different interpretation arises on determining smoking and non-smoking areas.

    “If they also include those walking, that’s not allowed even without EO 26. It depends on the ordinance,” DOH Assistant Secretary Eric Tayag said.

    It can be recalled that Health Secretary Paulyn Ubial had mentioned that the DILG is responsible for the strict implementation of the Smoking Ban and that the LGU’s should have a smoke-free task force.

    “I don’t have the data but that is the system that we have adopted as soon as we have reports of certain LGU’s not implementing the EO then we call the attention of DILG,” Ubial said.

    The DOH once again warns the public to report to their hotline all violators of the said law. – Aiko Miguel | UNTV News and Rescue


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    AFP to maximize martial law up to its deadline in December– Gen. Padilla

    by UNTV News   |   Posted on Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

    Armed Forces of the Philippines in Marawi City

    MANILA, Philippines – It remains unclear if the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) will recommend to President Rodrigo Duterte the lifting of martial law in Mindanao.

    This is despite the President’s declaration that Marawi City is now liberated from terrorist influence.

    In an interview on the program ‘Get it Straight with Daniel Razon’, AFP Spokesman Major General Restituto Padilla Junior said the military will continue to enforce martial law in Mindanao until its deadline in December.

    “Do you still feel na kailangan pa ho would you already recommend to the President to lift the martial law in Mindanao?” asked host, Daniel Razon.

    M/Gen. Restituto Padilla Jr., said “Our belief is that we still need it because the clashes in Marawi City have ended, but the network of those supporting the terrorists remains. Let’s remember that there are still threats in other areas.”

    “We would like to maximize it up to the deadline so that we can address all the matters that we need to address,” he added.

    Padilla explained during the interview, the importance of military rule in order for the government troops to be able to act fast.

    The military spokesman noted that compared with the Human Security Act version of Singapore or Malaysia, the law of the Philippines in terms of arresting anyone who poses threat to the government is too weak.

    However, Padilla said that with the declaration of martial law, the process of arresting suspected terrorists becomes easier.

    “Under martial law, it doubles and there comes the suspension of the Writ of Habeas Corpus that allows us to arrest suspected terrorists. But we must file charges against them within three days following their arrest. In normal times, we cannot just arrest them until we secure an arrest warrant. We still have to queue in courts just secure that. And if we compare this to previous instances, there were moments when we were queuing in a court to secure a warrant, and then the suspects were tipped off about their arrest, and thus, were able to evade,” said Padilla.

    He added that the security council will hold a meeting to be led by Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana before the term of martial law ends.

    In the said meeting, the members will discuss if they have to terminate the military rule’s implementation or recommend its extension.

    “Our basis in terms of whether or not to lift martial law is if we have already addressed the entire security challenges we are facing. If we still have not addressed those challenges, then we will recommend for it to stay,” said Padilla.

    After the crisis in Marawi City, the military will focus next on destroying the entire network of terrorists in the country. – Marje Pelayo | UNTV News & Rescue

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    Iloilo mayor believes PRRD received false info about his connection in illegal drug trade

    by UNTV News   |   Posted on Thursday, August 31st, 2017


    MANILA, Philippines — In a phone interview with Daniel Razon in his program Huntahan, Iloilo Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog said his rivals in politics are the ones moving to destroy his name.

    This is in connection with the issue regarding his name’s inclusion in the President’s Narco list.

    “I respect the pronouncement of the President, first I have no idea, I am wondering because as far as I know there are no drug lords to protect here, number 2 is, probably he is receiving false information,” Mabilog said.

    In Mabilog’s second term in 2013, he intensified the campaign against illegal drugs, and this is what his enemies are using to destroy him.

    With the said initiative, Iloilo City received a national award from Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) and Philippine National Police (PNP).

    This is why Mabilog was surprised that until now he is still included in the list of narco-politicians.

    PNP Chief Ronald dela Rosa, however, said the President is not receiving a one sided report.

    “The President can discern, he does not only consider a one sided report. All the information is processed accordingly,” he said.

    Mabilog is trying his best to schedule a meeting with the President to clear his name.

    But Mabilog believes that the President will be convinced if Police Chief Inspector Espenido will be the one to say that he is not involved in illegal drug trade.

    “If he is sent to Iloilo this will be an opportunity. This is God’s way of giving us the opportunity for him to assess and investigate Iloilo and finally come up with a report that would be able to reach Malacañang and the President.  At least it could be an opportunity for us to clear Iloilo and my name that is involved in illegal drugs,” Mabilog added.

    Mabilog stands firm that he never sell nor use illegal drugs.  He also agreed to undergo a drug test if needed. – Mon Jocson | UNTV News and Rescue

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    PMA Maringal Class of 1988 adopts humanitarian broadcast journalist Daniel Razon

    by UNTV   |   Posted on Thursday, August 17th, 2017


    MANILA, Philippines — BMPI-UNTV chairman and CEO Daniel Razon was officially adopted Tuesday night as a fraternal member of the Philippine Military Academy Maringal Class of 1988, PNP chapter.

    Police Maringal Association Incorporated chairman Police Director Leo Angelo Leuterio said, Razon, more popularly known as Kuya Daniel, is very much qualified to become a member of their class as his character exemplifies a true “mistah.”

    “In the case of Kuya Daniel, [it was] very easy because his reputation is well known. So it was very easy for us to come up with a decision. His values would be compatible with the Maringal class of 1988,” said Leuterio.

    Kuya Daniel admitted he would have joined the military had he not become a broadcaster.

    “Had it not been for the path that I actually followed in my life I could have been one of the military personnel cause this is also one of those things that I really want to pursue in my life,” he said.

    Kuya Daniel vowed to extend his advocacy to them whom he now calls “comrades” and to the people that the class serves,  by conducting free medical services, free education program and through the service of the UNTV News and Rescue Team.

    “For the service not only of our group but also for the service of those people that we serve. So you treat our station, your station. You treat our entity, your entity. And you treat me as your servant. I will be, with God’s help, your servant and the people’s servant,” said Kuya Daniel.

    Meanwhile, members of Maringal Class of 1988 are confident that they will be able to render public services more so  now that they have Kuya Daniel.

    They also promised to undergo UNTV’s rescue training to further widen their life-saving skills.

    “When the situation calls for this training to be applied, we are grateful. I think it was a divine intervention these things cropped up during the dialogue we have with Kuya Daniel,” said Leuterio.

    Aside from Kuya Daniel, among the prominent personalities adopted by PMA Class of 1988 are DOTC Secretary Emilio Abaya, former Vice President Jejomar Binay, and Senator JV Ejercito.

    Sa anomang paraan na aking magagawa ay nangangako po akong sa tulong ng Panginoon ay hindi ko kayo ipapahiya (In any way I can, I promise, with God’s help, I will not embarrass you) and I will live up to be  maringal, marangal at kapakipakinabang ( noble, honest and productive),” said Razon.

    “In any way that I can help, I promise that with the help of the Lord I will not let you down. I will live up to be a Maringal, noble and productive,” he added. — Mon Jocson | UNTV News & Rescue



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