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CNN sues White House over revoked credentials of correspondent

by UNTV News   |   Posted on Wednesday, 14 November 2018 10:36 AM


President Donald Trump listening to CNN reporter Jim Acosta | REUTERS

CNN filed a lawsuit on Tuesday (November 13) against the Trump administration over the revocation of press credentials for White House correspondent Jim Acosta, whose questions and reporting have been a frequent target of criticism by President Donald Trump.

“We have asked this court for an immediate restraining order requiring the pass be returned to Jim, and will seek permanent relief as part of this process,” CNN said in a statement. “While the suit is specific to CNN and Acosta, this could have happened to anyone. If left unchallenged, the actions of the White House would create a dangerous chilling effect for any journalist who covers our elected officials.”

The Republican president has steadily intensified his criticism of the media, with CNN remaining a major target.

Trump erupted into anger last week during a news conference when Acosta questioned him about the so-called migrant caravan traveling through Mexico and about an ongoing investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

“That’s enough, that’s enough,” Trump said on Wednesday, as a White House intern attempted to take the microphone off Acosta. “You are a rude, terrible person.”

The White House suspended his credentials later that day, with press secretary Sarah Sanders accusing Acosta of putting his hands on the intern who was trying to take the microphone from him. She called his behavior “absolutely unacceptable.”

Video of the encounter showed Acosta pulling back as the intern moved to take the microphone. He called the White House accusations a lie.

“While the suit is specific to CNN and Acosta, this could have happened to anyone,” CNN said. “If left unchallenged, the actions of the White House would create a dangerous chilling effect for any journalist who covers our elected officials.” — Reuters

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Trump calls for end to political stalemate

by UNTV News   |   Posted on Wednesday, 6 February 2019 11:59 AM

U.S. President Trump’s State of the Union speech in Washington, D.C., United States on February 5, 2019 | Reuters

The early portion of President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech on Tuesday (February 5) was aimed at offering to create a spirit of compromise.

“I stand here ready to work with you to achieve historic breakthroughs for all Americans,” Trump said in the highly anticipated speech before a joint session of the U.S. Congress, with his main Democratic adversary, new House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, watching over his shoulder.

“We must reject the politics of revenge resistance and retribution and embrace the boundless potential of cooperation compromise and the common good,” he said.

But whether Trump and his opponents would follow through was far from clear as both sides are entrenched in long-held positions and girding for 2020 elections.

Trump appeared in the House chamber just weeks after his demand for $5.7 billion in wall funds triggered a historic 35-day partial government shutdown that more than half of Americans blamed him for, according to Reuters/Ipsos polling.

Millions of Americans were expected to watch the address on television, giving Trump his biggest opportunity to date to explain why he believes a barrier is needed on the U.S. southern border with Mexico. The speech was delayed for a week because of the shutdown, which ended on Jan. 25. — Reuters

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North Korea deemed ‘extraordinary threat’ in Trump missile defense review

by UNTV News   |   Posted on Friday, 18 January 2019 10:21 AM

US President Donald Trump speaking in Arlington, Virgina, United States on January 17, 2019 | Reuters

U.S. President Donald Trump unveiled a revamped U.S. missile defense strategy on Thursday (January 17) that singles out North Korea as an ongoing and “extraordinary threat,” seven months after he declared the threat posed by Pyongyang had been eliminated.

The Missile Defense Review is a sweeping examination of efforts to shield the United States from enemy missiles. It highlights concerns about advancing capabilities by North Korea, Iran, Russia and China.

“While a possible new avenue to peace now exists with North Korea, it continues to pose an extraordinary threat and the United States must remain vigilant,” the report said.

For Trump, who is trying to revive efforts to persuade North Korea to abandon its nuclear arsenal, the report’s release came at an awkward moment. A senior North Korean envoy was headed for Washington on Thursday for expected talks with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and a possible encounter with Trump, a person familiar with the matter said.

Their talks, as well as a potential meeting with the president, could lead to an announcement of plans for a second U.S.-North Korea summit, the source told Reuters.

The Missile Defense Review recommended studying experimental technologies, including prospects for space-based weaponry that might be able to shoot down enemy missiles, a throwback to Ronald Reagan’s “Star Wars” initiative in the 1980s.

It also called for investments in space-based sensors that can better detect and track incoming missiles, and perhaps counter super-fast hypersonic technology, an area in which China has made major advances.

U.S. military officials have said U.S. missile defenses are primarily designed to counter attacks from countries with more limited arsenals, like North Korea, which U.S. intelligence officials believe is still advancing its nuclear program despite a halt to missile launches last year.

Pentagon officials contend that U.S. missiles defenses are too few to be able to counter a first-strike on the U.S. homeland by a major nuclear power like Russia or China. Washington hopes those countries will instead be deterred from attacks by America’s nuclear arsenal. — Reuters

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Georgia man charged with plotting attack on White House

by UNTV News   |   Posted on Thursday, 17 January 2019 09:32 AM

Aerial footage of law enforcement presence of suspect Hasher Taheb’s home in Cumming, Georgia, United States | Reuters

 A Georgia man has been arrested and charged for allegedly plotting to destroy the White House and other government buildings in Washington, Wednesday (January 16).

“Today, the Joint Terrorism Task Force Partners, which is led by the FBI, arrested Hasher Taheb, 21 years old, of Cumming Georgia, after a through investigation into his plans to attack Federal buildings,” said U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia Byung Jin “Bjay Pak”. “His alleged intent was to attack the White House and other targets of opportunity in the Washington, D.C.,” he said.

Local law enforcement contacted the FBI in March after getting a tip from a member of the community, NBC said. The tipster said Taheb had become radicalized, changed his name and planned to travel abroad, NBC reported. — Reuters

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