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Civil Disturbance Management Competition tests police action

by UNTV News   |   Posted on Thursday, April 26th, 2018

Participants showcase rapid response skills during simulated scenarios


Police Regional Office (PRO) 1 executed real-life scenarios at the Civil Disturbance Management Competition, Wednesday.

The event put to test the capability of different provincial, city and municipal police offices in resolving conflicts at protest rallies.

Participants simulated the aggressive behavior of protesters which included wrestling, shoving and throwing of bottled water at enforcers.

During the reenactment, some “protesters” were captured and handcuffed while the medical team quickly responded on the wounded and unconscious.

The competition aims to test the police observance of rule of law amid the violence of the rallyists.

According to the administration of PRO-13, the grading system is not solely based on the performance of the police but also on the uniform, supporting elements and equipment.

They said that the rating is based on accurate demonstration of the eight basic CDM formations.

The winners will be represent the region in the national competition. — Raymond Octobre | UNTV News & Rescue