Be a Lifesaver: What is bystander effect and how do you overcome it?

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(FILE) Bystanders hold on to a jeepney as rescuers pull out a woman during an accident in Manila, Philippines, 07 June 2019. EPA-EFE/MARK R. CRISTINO

If you witnessed an emergency situation happening before your eyes, would you immediately leap into action to help someone in trouble?

While many would likely answer this question with a resounding “yes,” psychological experts say that deciding on whether to intervene or not in such situation might depend on the number of people present.

This conundrum is called the bystander effect.

It refers to the social phenomenon that occurs when individuals fail to intervene or help those in need because of the presence of other people.

During emergency, experts say, observers are more likely to take action if there are few or no other witnesses present. In many cases, people who are part of a large crowd feel that since there are others around, someone would step up and take action.

According to psychological experts, there are two major factors that contribute to the bystander effect.

First is the diffusion of responsibility created by the presence of other people. Social psychology research show that when in a crowd, a person does not feel as much pressure to take an action since the responsibility is thought to be shared among all those present.

Second is the need to behave in socially acceptable ways. When no one is taking action, individuals often take this as a signal that intervening in a certain situation is not necessary.  Ambiguous situations can also make it difficult to determine if help is truly needed.

So how can you overcome this effect?

Being aware of this tendency helps in breaking the cycle. Staying alert and attuned to the situation, rather than relying on others’ responses can also help you decide how to react.

Learning first aid and other trainings can also make you feel more prepared to help other people and deal with potential emergencies.

One of Lifesaver’s main purposes is to address the bystander effect.

Lifesaver is a program, running both in TV and digital platforms, which offers information on basic first aid response for lay people in times of accidents or emergencies.

It also shares tips on how to prepare for medical emergencies or disasters, be it at home or at work.

The program also pushes for disaster awareness to help the public prepare better.

Lifesaver features rescue operations of UNTV’s emergency and response team where one can learn the basic steps in providing first aid.

Lifesaver is on a mission to educate ordinary people on essential emergency response and disaster preparedness tools by offering viewers easy to understand lessons.

It airs on UNTV every Sunday, from 10:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Wishcovery season 2 champion Rhea Basco explores exotic underwater sites of Mabini with ‘The Dive’

UNTV News   •   December 7, 2019

Rhea Basco

According to Wishcovery Season 2 grand champion, Rhea Basco, her childhood dream was to become a mermaid, inspired by the animated version of the classic fairytale, The Little Mermaid.

And for a day, she was finally able to live this fantasy through scuba diving in Mabini, Batangas when she joined the crew of UNTV’s travel series, “The Dive” on its latest episode.

With over 80 beaches and dive resorts, Mabini is dubbed as the “Diving Capital” of Batangas Province.

It has 26 world-class dive sites, including four protected marine sanctuaries – Arthur’s Rock, Batong Buhay, Twin Rocks and Cathedral dive site.

Mabini is also the location of Anilao – believed to be the “Birthplace of Philippine Scuba Diving”. Anilao is well-known as the “Mecca of Macro Fauna” due to its spectacular marine critters, making it one of the most-visited diving destinations of local and international underwater photographers.

With two and a half to three hours of land travel from Metro Manila, Mabini is one of the nearest destinations where beach chasers can go to level up their travel adventure through scuba diving.

Join Rhea in her first-ever scuba diving adventure in Mabini, Batangas and find out the reasons why scuba diving in Anilao should be added to your bucket list.

Discover the marine jewels of Mabini this coming Sunday, 11:00 AM with your weekly diving buddy, The Dive, only on UNTV. — Maribelle Boral-Cabling

Watch the live stream on the following social media accounts:

UNTV Cup: Judiciary upsets, stops AFP winning streak

UNTV News   •   December 3, 2019

AFP Cavaliers’ big man Jeffrey Quiambao was seen back in action after missing almost the entire 1st round elimination due to shoulder injury.  PHOTOVILLE INTERNATIONAL

Tough defense was Judiciary’s main weapon in defeating the three-time and defending champion AFP Cavaliers last Sunday, 78-72.

“Yung ensayo namin double effort kasi kalaban namin three-time champion, kailangan talaga sila paghandaan. At saka depensa namin medyo maganda kanina kaya siguro tinalo namin sila,” Judiciary Magis Coach Joey Yabut said.

On the other hand, AFP Cavaliers head coach Cornelio “Sonny” Manucat II said, “Medyo nagkaroon ng lapses sa defense, yung game plan hindi ginawa.”

Hailed as Best Players of the Game were Jearomel Serrano, who nailed 5 three-pointers, and Chester Tolomia with 17 points.

“Sobrang saya kami […] yung team namin medyo nag-improve talaga yung sa depensa,” Chester Tolomia expressed.

“Eto yung halos pinakamalakas na team ngayon [AFP Cavaliers], kahit papaano nagawan namin ng magandang laban yung AFP at ang resulta nanalo kami,” co-BPG awardee Jearomel Serrano said.

Only the Cavalier Darwin Cordero scored in double digits, 32 points, for AFP.

Because of tough defense, the usual AFP gunners, Boyet Bautista and Jerry Lumongsod, were restricted in the scoring department.

Meanwhile, Wilfredo Casulla Jr. was not present in the clash as he is undergoing mandatory schooling for career advancement if the Philippine Air Force which will end after two months.

AFP Cavaliers has now dropped to 2nd place in the ranking with 6 wins and 1 loss, leaving the DENR Warriors on top.

Meanwhile, Judiciary Magis improved its record with 3 wins and 3 losses.

In the other game, Marvin Mercado recorded a double-double stat line with 28 points, 14 rebounds plus 3 assists and 1 steal to lift the NHA Builders against the Agriculture Food Masters, 74-72.

“Practice pa rin kami, tapos dasal. Ini-involve namin lahat ng players, yun ang nagpapaganda ng laro namin kaya kami nanalo,” Best Player of the Game Marvin Mercado confessed.

“Inayos namin yung mga plays namin, yung mga depensa namin. Salamat naman sa end game nanalo rin kami. Tatlong game na kami talo sa end game so hopefully gumaganda na yung laro nila sa end game, na-co-contain na namin yung aming panalo,” NHA Builders Head Coach Silverio “Bennett” Palad expressed.

And in the third game, PITC Global Traders climbed to the 4th spot after serving the Malacañang-PSC Kamao its second loss, 68-58.

“Wala lang laban lang talaga, we are just working hard every practice, every game, so I hope magtuloy-tuloy,” PITC Global Traders Head Coach Vic Ycasiano admitted.

Marlon Keith Martin was honored as the Best Player with 17 points, 3 rebounds, and 1 steal.

On next Sunday’s game (December 8), PhilHealth Plus will go against Judiciary Magis at 2 pm while NHA will take on PITC and AFP- Malacañang-PSC will be pitched as the main game of the triple-header.

Games will still be played at San Juan Knights Gym live starting at 2PM with telecast, webcast and live streaming at UNTV Cup’s Facebook and YouTube accounts. — Bernard Dadis


Game 1: Judiciary def. AFP, 78-72

Judiciary 78 – Tolomia 17,  Serrano 15, Salamat 10, Ybañez 8, Puno 6, Litonjua 6, Dionisio 4, Mustre 4, Marquez 3, Dela Cruz 3

AFP 72 – Cordero 32, Tan 8, Lumongsod 8, Fernandez 6, Rosopa 5, Quiambao 4, Zuñiga 2, Bautista 3, Pascual 2, Almerol 2

Quarter Scores: 23-21, 46-39, 62-51, 78-72

Team Statistics

Judiciary : 32/67 FGm/a, 0.478% FG%,  11/27 3FGm/a, 0.407% 3FG%, 3/7 FTm/a, 0.429% FT%,   25 Rebs.,  8 Asts., 10 Stls., 3 Blks., 13 TOs

AFP :  29/61 FGm/a, 0.475% FG%,  8/21 3FGm/a,  0.381%  3FG%, 6/10 FTm/a,   0.600% FT%,  29 Rebs., 11 Asts., 6 Stls.,  1 Blks., 17 TOs


Jearomel Serrano – 15 PTS, 1 REB

Chester Tolomia –  17 PTS, 6 REB,  2 AST,  1 STL

Game 2:  NHA def. Agriculture, 74-72

NHA 74 – Mercado 28, Lustestica 12, J. Dizon 12, Prado 8, W. Tibay 7, Adolfo 3, M. Dizon 2, Crisostomo 2

Agriculture 72 –  Casaysayan 17, Silva 11, Fernandez 10, Oreta 9, Mastelero 8,  Manigo 8, Comerciase 6, Dematera 3

Quarter Scores: 16-11, 38-32,  54-51, 74-72,

Team Statistics

NHA : 26/61 FGm/a, 0.426% FG%,  10/28 3FGm/a,   0.357%  3FG%,  12/18 FTm/a,  0.667%  FT%,  43 Rebs., 12 Asts., 3 Stls.,   1 Blks., 13 TOs

Agriculture :  26/77 FGm/a, 0.338% FG%,  8/31 3FGm/a, 0.258%  3FG%, 12/19 FTm/a, 0.632% FT%, 29  Rebs.,  16 Asts., 11 Stls., 2 Blks., 7 TOs


Marivin Mercado –   28 PTS, 14 REB, 3 AST, 1 STL

Game 3:  PITC def. Malacañang-PSC, 68-58

PITC 68 – Martin 17, Regalado 12, Gecale 9, Vasallo 8, Almarinez 7, Lopez 6, Taplah 5, Juan 4

Malacañang-PSC 58 – Punzalan 14, Dela Cuesta 8, Jimenez 8, Besa 6, N. Javier 6, Garrido 5, Ignario 4, Antonio 4, V. Javier 3

Quarter Scores:  21-13, 39-29, 51-38, 68-58

Team Statistics

PITC : 23/51 FGm/a, 0.451% FG%,   9/25 3FGm/a,   0.360% 3FG%,  13/24 FTm/a,   0.542% FT%,  29 Rebs., 8 Asts., 9 Stls., 0  Blks., 17 TOs

Malacañang-PSC :  22/59 FGm/a,  0.373% FG%, 3/21 3FGm/a,  0.143% 3FG%,  11/18 FTm/a,  0.611% FT%,   33 Rebs., 6 Asts., 8 Stls., 0 Blks., 17 TOs


Marlon Martin – 17  PTS,  3 REB,  1 STL


DENR  6-0

AFP 6-1

Malacañang-PSC 5-2

PITC 4-2

NHA 4-3

Agriculture 4-3

Judiciary 3-3

PhilHealth 2-4

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Lifesaver: How to prepare for and survive a cyclone

Robie de Guzman   •   December 2, 2019

The Philippines gets an average of 20 tropical cyclones each year.

According to the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), the peak of the typhoon season is July through October, when nearly 70 percent of all typhoons develop.

As a country prone to cyclones and other natural calamities, preparing for a disaster can start before there is an immediate threat.

Cyclone formation can be identified by meteorologists well in advance as they take shape over oceans before tracking towards coastlines. This gives ample time for the public to prepare for an incoming storm.

So, how can you prepare for a cyclone?

UNTV’s Lifesaver program has prepared this what-to-do list to help you get ready before, during and after a storm.

If you live in a disaster-prone area, check with your local authorities if your property is located in an area vulnerable to flooding, storm surge and landslide so you would know how to proceed.

BEFORE a cyclone hits, you should:

Secure your home and other properties.

  • Tie down roofs with cables.
  • Repair loose roofing sheets and make sure these are firmly fastened in place
  • Cover beds and other items with plastic to protect it from water seeping in around windows and doors.
  • Secure debris or loose items such as potted plants, tools, garbage cans and other materials that could become airborne during strong winds.
  • Place valuable items and appliances on higher level to protect them from flooding.
  • Trim branches or tie down trees near your home that may topple during high winds.
  • Arrange flashlights, candles and lanterns in places where adults can easily find these items.
  • Prepare several gallons of drinking water on hand.

Prepare your family’s survival essentials.

  • Fully charge your mobile phones and other communication devices.
  • Store copies of legal documents such as passport, license, birth and marriage certificates and identification cards in a waterproof container.
  • Keep a stash of extra cash in a waterproof pouch.
  • Prepare your family’s Go Bag that you can grab when you have to evacuate.
  • Fill your vehicle’s tank with gas, and move it away from trees or structures that may collapse during the storm.

Prepare a disaster evacuation plan.

  • Meet your family members to discuss your evacuation plan.
  • Check your locality’s flood warning system and evacuation plan.
  • Be ready to leave your home and head to a temporary shelter when advised by authorities.
  • Keep yourself updated with the latest weather report.

DURING a cyclone, you should:

  • Keep calm but vigilant.
  • Watch television or listen to radio to get latest weather advisories.
  • Stay inside your home and away from windows, especially those that are made of glass.
  • Remain inside even when the eye of the storm is passing and all appears to be calm as heavy winds will soon follow.
  • Unplug all appliances and turn off the main power switch to avoid power spikes.
  • Shut off gas valve.
  • Use flashlights and lanterns when power outage occurs.
  • If living in low-lying area, consider seeking shelter elsewhere. Follow government advisories when there is a need to move to a safer place.

AFTER a storm, you should:

  • Wait for authorities advise on whether it is safe to return to your home.
  • Make sure that your house is safe and stable before you go in. carefully check your house for loose power lines, foundation cracks or other damage.
  • Watch out for live wires or outlet immersed in water.
  • Check the ceiling or walls for signs of sagging that may be dangerous if it falls.
  • Report damaged or fallen electrical posts to authorities.
  • Remove health hazards left behind by floodwater mud.
  • Remove water that accumulated in tires, cans or pots to avoid it from becoming a breeding spot for mosquitoes.

Watch more episodes of Lifesaver below for more information on preparing for a cyclone.


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