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Bad weather crash-lands Chinese plane at NAIA, no injuries reported

by UNTV News and Rescue   |   Posted on Friday, August 17th, 2018

Xiamen Airlines Boeing 737-800


MANILA, Philippines –Xiamen Airlines Boeing 737-800 crash-landed at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) on Thursday night (August 16), prompting flight cancellations and temporary closure of Runway 6/24.

Flight MF8667 was at the conclusion of its two-and-a-half-hour flight from Xiamen City, China when it skidded off the side of the runway as the jet attempted to land in heavy thunderstorms

The crew immediately initiated emergency evacuation procedures to alight all 157 passengers and eight crew on board.

No injuries were reported.

The incident prompted several flight cancellations.

The Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) advises passengers to check on NAIA for flight information and adjustments. – Asher Cadapan Jr. / Marje Pelayo


CANCELED FLIGHTS (AS OF 7:22 AM August 17, 2018):

EY 421 MNL- Abu Dhabi 2336H

SV 871 MNL – Jeddah 1810H


PR 453 MNL-GES 0715H

PR 454 GES-MNL 1215H

PR 1845 MNL-CEB 0655H

PR 1846 CEB-MNL 1010H

PR 432 MNL-TOKYO 1440H

CX 908 MNL-Hong Kong 0600H

CX 912 MNL – Hong Kong 0825H

CX 907 Hong Kong – MNL 0940H

CX 906 MNL- Hong Kong 1050H

CX 901 Hong Kong – MNL 1125H

CX 900 MNL – Hong Kong 1235H

5J 272 MNL- Hong Kong 0600H

5J 273 Hong Kong – MNL 1200H

5J 5054 MN – Hong Kong 0615H

5J 5055 NARITA – MNL 1720H

5J 929 MNL-BANGKOK 0615H

5J 930 Bangkok – MNL 1445H

5J 110 MNL-Hong Kong 0735H

5J 111 Hong Kong- MNL 1400H










EY Etihad Airways








Terminal 1 (8771109 loc 765 and 2852)

Terminal 2 (8771109 loc 2882 and 2880)

Terminal 4 (8771109 loc 4226)

Terminal 3 (8777888 loc 8144 and 8146)

NAIA Hotline 8771111



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DOTr eyes two more airports to decongest NAIA

by UNTV News and Rescue   |   Posted on Friday, August 24th, 2018

QUEZON CITY, Philippines – The Department of Transportation (DOTr) is prioritizing two airport development projects after assessing what happened in Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) due to the Xiamen runway mishap.

The plan includes building a new airport in Bulacan and developing the Sangley airport in Cavite.

In a statement, DOTr explained that its “airport complementation strategy is aimed at decongesting NAIA, give travelers more options, and spread development across Luzon.”

The proposed projects would accommodate flights from Manila should circumstances such as the runway crash-landing incident requires diversion. That way, DOTr argued, flight delays and cancellations would be avoided.

But these projects remain on paper and no construction has been initiated yet.

For Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) general manager Ed Monreal, flight cancellations could have been prevented if only NAIA had a parallel runway.

The problem, however, is the airport’s limited space, and so having a parallel runway is almost impossible for NAIA.

“Siguro the option now is to develop an airport for the future with a minimum requirement na dalawa po ang runway,” he said.

MIAA has started the transfer of several airlines from NAIA to Clark Airport in Pampanga as a measure to decongest airport. However, the route rationalization scheme is still on its initial phase. — Victor Cosare / Marje Pelayo

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GIS EXCLUSIVE: Monreal explains ordeal in removing damaged aircraft that paralyzed NAIA

by UNTV News and Rescue   |   Posted on Friday, August 24th, 2018


Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) General Manager Eddie Monreal

QUEZON CITY, Philippines –  Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) General Manager Eddie Monreal explained his side why operations at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) had been paralyzed for days after the Xiamen Airline mishap.

In an interview with the program “Get It Straight with Daniel Razon” on Friday (August 24), Monreal said it was not easy to remove the damaged aircraft amid heavy downpour considering its weight. That’s why they needed to rent more heavy equipment or cranes that would help in the aircraft’s removal.

The bad weather, Monreal said, was also accompanied by lightning which posed a risk of explosion because the aircraft’s engine fuel was not ejected from the vessel.

“Kapag nag-red lightning alert po ang paliparan standstill po lahat iyan. Mas mahirap at delikado sa tao, sa ating responding team. Kung just hatakin natin at hindi natin ingatan (dahil) konting spark lang…We’re talking of four tons of fuel, sasabog po iyon,” he explained.

Setting up towing equipment was also a challenge, according to Monreal, and they needed to conduct clearing operations on the ground to ensure that every portion of the runway was safe for landing.

The MIAA general manager stressed that it was actually the airline company, not MIAA, who has the responsibility to remove its damaged aircraft based on the regulation of the International Civil Aviation Organization.

What they did, he said, was out of consideration to the stranded passengers and to prevent further problems.

“Kung hihintayin ko po ang Xiamen Air na mag-mobilize ng gamit , mag-mobilize ng tao baka mas lalo pong tumaga. Pero mayroon din naman isang option na kapag nakita ng authorities na walang kakayanan ang mayari ng eroplano, papasok po kami. Kami magrerecover at may mga options na nakalagay na pwede kaming magkontrata  ng third party kung kinakailangan,” Monreal explained.

Monreal opted to explain following calls for his resignation. During the interview, he countered allegations that MIAA is incapable of responding to such a situation.

The Aircraft Accident Investigation and Inquiry Board is currently investigating the incident particularly the aircraft’s black box to know the activities of Flight MF8667 prior to its crash-landing at NAIA. – Marje Pelayo (with reports from Joan Nano)

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No sanctions yet for 61 uncoordinated flights following runway chaos – MIAA

by UNTV News and Rescue   |   Posted on Thursday, August 23rd, 2018

FILE PHOTO:  Ninoy Aquino International Airport


PASAY CITY, Philippines – A total of 61 flights landed at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) last week without prior permission from the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA).

These were recovery flights that airline companies sent to attend to their stranded passengers since the removal of the Xiamen Aircraft that crash-landed at Runway 6 last Saturday.

MIAA General Manager Eddie Monreal said these uncoordinated landings worsened air traffic and ground situation at NAIA as other flights were compelled to cancel to give way to the said recovery flights.

He added that they have yet to determine the appropriate sanction against the airlines involved, but have warned them not to disregard the protocols of MIAA.

“We have called their attention. Liabilities will only come in if there is an abuse of this particular issue. Kung isa o dalawa pwede nating (palagpasin). Hindi naman tayo authoritarian. Pasahero ang pinag-uusapan dito. Convenience ng mga pasahero (at) serbisyo para sa mga pasahero,” he explained.

According to air traffic control personnel Marlene Singson, pilots of the concerned flights notified them only when they were about to land. In such a situation, Singson said, they could no longer refuse a clearance to land as mandated by the air traffic service.

“Hahayaan po ba natin sila na nasa ere wherein they will be exposed to a more serious situation? Safety issue iyon kasi. Ilan na lang (ang) fuel nila (na) natitira if they came from far places,” Singson explained.

On calls for him to resign, Monreal said he respects the public’s opinion especially the lawmakers who expressed dismay over how he handled the crisis. But he maintained that his team did their very best to address the situation.

“I respect every person’s opinion. Hindi po natin mape-perpekto ang sitwasyon. Ang aming konsensya ay naroon na tama po sa tinigin namin ang aming ginawa. Mayroon tayong pinagbasehan at hindi ito out of nowhere na ito ang (basta) gustong gawin natin,” he said.

Meanwhile, in a statement released by Xiamen Airways, the airline company made a commitment to bear the costs for aircraft handling and runway recovering caused by the incident.

The overall operations at NAIA already returned to normal. – Joan Nano / Marje Pelayo

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