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AFP submits recommendation to Pres. Duterte in line with the implementation of martial law in Mindanao

by UNTV News   |   Posted on Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

MANILA, Philippines — The existing martial law in Mindanao is set to end on the 31st of December.

With this, various groups opposing the military rule call on the government to no longer extend the proclamation.

They said martial law violates human rights particularly in the communities of Moros and Lumads.

The groups claim this is the reason why they want the military rule to end.

President Rodrigo Duterte initially said he will base his decision on the matter on the recommendations of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and Philippine National Police (PNP).

According to AFP Chief of Staff Gen. Rey Leonardo Guerrero, they based their recommendation on the current security situation of the country.

“Our recommendation is based on assessment not only covering the NPA’s, the assessment covers all threats. But of course you yourself, members of the media, have extensively reported about these atrocities by the NPA. So your coverage will speak for itself. We really have seen that there is an intensified action on the part of the NPA,” said Guerrero.

The AFP Chief of Staff, however, refused to reveal the contents of their recommendation, saying it will be the President himself who will decide on whether to extend the military rule or not.

However, when Guerrero was asked about the possibility of a nationwide martial law declaration, he has this to say…

“It’s always a possibility, everything is possible,” Guerrero added. – Lea Ylagan | UNTV News & Rescue

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Duterte appoints Antonio Kho as Comelec Commissioner

by UNTV News and Rescue   |   Posted on Friday, July 13th, 2018

MANILA, Philippines – President Rodrigo Duterte appointed Justice Undersecretary Antonio Kho as a new commissioner of the Commission on Elections (Comelec).

This was confirmed by Special Assistant to the President Secretary Christopher “Bong” Go on Friday (July 13)

Kho, who is a bar topnotcher from San Beda College of Law and President Duterte’s fraternity brother, now completes the seven-man commission. – UNTV News and Rescue

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186 local officials stripped of police powers under Duterte admin – DILG

by UNTV News and Rescue   |   Posted on Friday, July 13th, 2018

QUEZON CITY, Philippines – The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) reported on Friday (July 13) that 186 local officials have been stripped of supervisory powers over the police in their areas of jurisdiction since President Rodrigo Duterte came into office.

According to DILG Officer-In-Charge Eduardo Año, the said local officials have been deprived of police authority because of their involvement in illegal drug trade and failure to curb terrorist activities in their areas. From the said number, eight were governors while 178 were city and municipal mayors.

Meanwhile, ten local executives have been killed so far under the Duterte administration. Three of whom have established links in the illegal drug trade.

DILG Undersecretary Epimaco Densing said that based on their investigation, the common reasons for crimes against local officials are politics, business, and a love triangle. Densing  suspects that some criminals are taking advantage of the government’s war on drugs to divert public’s sentiments and attention.

“Parang may sumasakay na “Pagkakataon na natin itong patayin ang ating kalaban kasi may namatay doon para i-link doon.” Para kunwari base sa drugs. But for the information of everybody prior to the killing of Mayor Halili, of the 10 killings of the LCE that were killed in the past  two years, tatlo lang po ang may koneksyon sa ilegal na droga,” Densing said.

To date, a total of 156 local officials have been suspended or dismissed for charges of grave misconduct, serious dishonesty, neglect of duty, abuse of authority and other irregularities.

The DILG said this proves the effectiveness of the agency’s measures in line with President Duterte’s campaign against errant and corrupt public officials.

“By offering the public mechanisms to report complaints, such as the Hotline 8888 and the Office of the President itself, we were able to investigate and file cases against local officials alleged to be abusive or not performing their job in accordance with their mandate,” Año explained in a statement. – Bernard Dadis / Marje Pelayo

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Duterte signs stronger Anti-Hazing Act

by UNTV News and Rescue   |   Posted on Thursday, July 12th, 2018


AEGIS JURIS. Ten fratmen in Atio hazing case voluntarily surrendered to the National Bureau of Investigation (file photo)


MANILA, Philippines — President Rodrigo Duterte signed on Wednesday (July 11) the Anti-Hazing Act of 2018 which strictly prohibits all forms of hazing among fraternities, sororities and any school organization, offices, and uniformed learning institution.

The amended law expanded the definition of the term “hazing” to include “physical or psychological suffering, harm or injury inflicted on a recruit, neophyte, applicant or member as part of an initiation rite or a requirement for continuing membership in a fraternity or sorority or organization.”

The amended law also provides harsher penalties as those who planned or participated in the hazing will face a penalty of reclusion perpetua and a P3M fine if the hazing resulted to death, rape, mutilation or sodomy, thus amending the previous measure which merely regulates it. Also, the new law penalizes attempts to cover up the hazing activities.

The Anti-Hazing Acts of 2018 strengthens the existing Anti-Hazing Act of 1995 which was criticized for being toothless, with only one conviction since it was enacted into law 23 years ago.

It has been 10 months since the death of UST Law Student Horacio “Atio” Castillo III after a hazing initiation by members of the Aegis Juris Fraternity.

Though the suspects in the case are now behind bars, his parents still grieve for the loss of their only son.

 “I know he’s not coming back for us. Parang tumigil ang time. I was wishing na sana noong time na iyon sana classes were called up siguro or sana na flat tire ako or sana that day umulan para hindi sana natuloy because hindi ko alam mapapahamak ang anak ko. I had no idea the next day na ang susunod kong malalaman ay patay na sya,” said Atio’s father, Horacio Castillo Jr.

“In the morning paggising namin kulang pa rin. Iyong. “Ma, gisingin mo ako ng six may klase ako.” Wala nang nagsasabi ng ganon, Iyon ang mahirap for us. Masakit sa amin. Apat lang kami. It’s always 4 of us lang. Ngayon nabawasan pa kami ng isa. Talagang miss na miss namin sya,” said Carmina, Atio’s mother.

Despite what happened to their son, Carmina still looks at the positive side of school organizations such as fraternity. However, she said, hazing should not be used as a measure of someone’s loyalty to the group.

 “Iyong nature of brotherhood para iyang barkada mo. Pero ang ganitong organization sasali ka just to prove your loyalty, I think it’s wrong. Your loyalty belongs to your parents with your family with God and with the country, not with people like these,” she concluded. – Joan Nano / Marje Pelayo

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