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9 arrested for illegal fishing in waters off Navotas

by UNTV News   |   Posted on Friday, August 11th, 2017


MANILA, Philippines — Nine fishermen were caught by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) illegally fishing in the waters off Navotas City on Wednesday.

They were onboard three commercial fishing vessels led by boat captains Jun Esatan, Tirso Beling and Leomar Jugaran.

They were arrested after failing to show valid fishing permit and for using prohibited Danish seine, locally known as “hulbot”.

The registrations of the vessels were already expired.

“Our command received information about unhampered illegal fishing operation in Manila Bay area. By engaging in this type of activity, it destroys ocean bed including corals,” NBI – Environmental Crimes Division head, Atty. Czar Nuqui said.

Also, the commercial fishing vessels were caught in the waters which are supposedly exclusive for small fishermen.

“Subsistence fishermen should be fishing there not the commercial vessels. And yet these commercial vessels are exploiting these resources to the detriment of subsistence fishermen,” Atty. Nuqui said.

They fishermen said they didn’t know that what they were doing was illegal.

“We have nowhere else to go. If we don’t do it, our families will suffer,” boat captain Jun Esatan said.

They are facing several charges for violations of the Fisheries Code punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a fine of Php500,000. – Roderic Mendoza | UNTV News and Rescue

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PNP, other law enforcement agencies to support PDEA’s anti-drug war lead

by UNTV News   |   Posted on Wednesday, December 6th, 2017

MANILA, Philippines – Malacañang revealed two important orders of President Rodrigo Duterte, Tuesday.

First, bringing back the Philippine National Police (PNP) in the operation against illegal drugs and other law enforcement agencies such as National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), Bureau of Customs (BOC) and Philippine Postal Corporation as support groups.

However, the PNP and the rest have to coordinate with the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) as the responsible lead agency in implementing the anti-drug war.

“The first is directing the Philippine National Police and other law enforcement agencies to resume providing support to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency in the conduct of anti-illegal drug operations,” Presidential Spokesperson Secretary Harry Roque said.

Roque added that the recent decision of the President was based on the PDEA’s lack of manpower which hampers the anti-drug operations and encourages the resurgence of illegal drugs and criminalities.

It can be recalled that, in October, President Duterte ordered PDEA to be the sole-agency in the anti-drug war campaign.

There were also reports of public clamor for the return of the PNP in the anti-drug war.

CPP-NPA a terrorist group

Meanwhile, Sec. Harry Roque also announced that President Duterte has already signed the proclamation declaring the CPP-NPA as a terrorist group.

“It’s a proclamation declaring the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army as an identified terrorist organization under RA 10168, Human Security Act,” Roque said.

Based on the Human Security Act, those who are financing and supporting terrorist acts are regarded as a terrorist group.

President Duterte has also ordered the Department of Foreign Affairs to publish the proclamation, and the Department of Justice to submit the petition to the Manila Regional Trial Court classifying the CPP-NPA as a terrorist group based on the said act. – Rosalie Coz | UNTV News & Rescue

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No reported deaths related to Dengvaxia, says manufacturer Sanofi Pasteur

by UNTV   |   Posted on Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

MANILA, Philippines — Pharmaceutical company Sanofi Pasteur allayed parents’ fears over the dengue vaccine injected to more than 7,000 children across the country.

“There are no cases of dengue shock syndrome. There are no reported deaths. All cases of severe dengue have been resolved spontaneously,” said Sanofi Pasteur Regional Director Dr. Joselito Sta. Ana.

The manufacturer belied allegations that there are three children who died after receiving Dengvaxia vaccine.

The Department of Health (DOH) also confirmed that there are no reported fatalities due to Dengvaxia.

“In fact, just for the information of the group, the severe dengue cases they are referring to, among those identified by Sanofi, none of them died. These cases stayed in the hospital for… and their range of stay was four to six days and eventually, they were discharged, and their conditions improved,” said DOH Asec. Lydon Lee Suy.

However, Sanofi admitted that the vaccine will have a negative effect on anyone who received it prior to dengue infection.

“We do see an increased risk of dengue hospitalization and severe dengue in those who have not been previously infected this risk is seen predominantly starting from the 3rd year from the first dose,” said Sanofi Pasteur Global Medical head Dr. Ng Su Peing.

Sanofi explained that nine of the ten children who received Dengvaxia vaccine contracted dengue.

It says the parents are just not aware since the symptoms of the disease are not obvious. The company further said three of four children who received the vaccine did not show any symptoms of the viral infection.  It also explains that anyone who has Dengvaxia injection will not automatically have severe dengue.

“You contract [severe dengue] if you had subsequent exposure to the virus, not because you were given the vaccine that you’ll have severe dengue,” said Sanofi Pasteur General Manager Ching Santos.

it does not mean that when you received the vaccine, you will immediately have a severe dengue,”

Amid the controversy, Dengvaxia is believed to be 100 percent effective in children who received the vaccine three times. However, Sanofi advised the parents to not complete for now the injection of the vaccine pending the statement of the World Health Organization regarding the matter. The manufacturer, meanwhile, vows to cooperate with the investigation the NBI will conduct in connection with the issue. — Mon Jocson | UNTV News & Rescue

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Alleged narco-general, wife to face multiple charges

by UNTV News   |   Posted on Thursday, November 30th, 2017


FILE PHOTO: Retired Philippine National Police Deputy Director General Marcelo Garbo

MANILA, Philippines – The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has filed multiple charges against former Philippine National Police (PNP) Deputy Chief for Operations Marcelo Garbo and his wife before the Office of the Ombudsman.

The couple is facing falsification of public documents; violation of the code of conduct and ethical standards for public officials and employees and violation of the anti-graft and corrupt practices.

NBI said the complaints stemmed from the alleged ill-gotten wealth of Garbo.

Based on the 2005 Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net worth or SALN of Garbo, he had a net worth of only P22-million.

However, 10 years after, his net worth rose to more than P44-million.

The NBI said aside from the said amount, Garbo also has golf club shares, 5 luxury vehicles, a high end motorcycle, a golf cart and shares of stocks reaching up to P18-million.

But the agency noted the former police general and his wife had an estimated income of around P5-million only within 10 years.

“We were able to determine through our investigation based on the documents that we have gathered from the Land Registration Authority, Land Transportation Office from other sources that they have a mass at least P35-millions of ill-gotten wealth,” NBI head agent Atty. Nathaniel Ramos said.

The NBI has also filed a petition of forfeiture of properties in favor of the government.

The agency is also verifying if Garbo has properties in the United States.

“Disproportionate, it could not have been possible with their legitimate income because if the wife earn so much income from her practice, it should have been also included to the SALN,” NBI Deputy Director Ferdinand Lavin said.

Garbo has yet to issue a statement on the matter.

It can be noted he is one of the alleged Narco Generals named by President Rodrigo Duterte himself.

In terms of his alleged involvement in illegal drug operations, the NBI notes it has a separate investigation on the said issue. – Rajel Adora | UNTV News & Rescue

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