800-year-old wooden statues unearthed in Peru

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Wooden sculptures unearthed at the Chan Chan archaeological complex in northern Peru

Twenty anthropomorphic wooden sculptures and an intricate adobe wall were unearthed at the Chan Chan archaeological complex in northern Peru, government officials said on Monday (October 22).

The figures and the detailed wall are thought to have been buried more than 800 years ago. Researchers say the sculptures are the oldest idols discovered to date at the Chan Chan site.

Peru’s Minister of Culture Patricia Balbuena said the figures appear to be at the entrance of an important ceremonial center or plaza. Some of the figures have what appear to be staffs and shields while others have decapitated heads.

The statues, 19 of which are in good condition, were inside a rectangular space dug in a row at the base of a wall in a corridor decorated with high relief drawings.

Officials say the 70-centimeter tall figures were created at a time before the Chan Chan culture, possibly around the year 1100. — Reuters

Deadly dengue outbreak strikes Peru

UNTV News   •   February 19, 2020

REUTERS – Twelve people have died from dengue in Peru with 5,480 cases reported cases nationwide so far in 2020, according to Peruvian authorities.

Authorities have declared a health emergency in hardest-hit regions such as Madre de Dios, Loreto and San Martin, where more than 4.300 cases have been reported.

”At the moment we are quite worried because the number of mosquitoes that transmit the disease – in this case it’s a mosquito called Aedes Aegypti or Aedes Aegypti mosquito – has increased tremendously in some places of the country’s jungle,” Infectologist Dr. Manuel Espinoza of Peru’s Health Ministry said in Spanish.

Dengue is the world’s fastest-spreading mosquito-borne disease. It causes flu-like symptoms and a severe form of it can result in internal bleeding. There is no specific treatment and no vaccine available yet.

Dengue infections around the world have increased dramatically in recent decades and many countries are seeing a surge in cases this year. The World Health Organisation (WHO) this year named dengue one of the top 10 global public health threats.

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Peru battered by heavy rains, floods

UNTV News   •   February 11, 2020

Heavy rain pounded areas of Peru over the weekend, causing rivers to overflow and highways to flood.

Rain battered the northern town of Tumbes, 1017 kilometers (632 miles) north of Lima, near the Ecuador border, flooding streets and cutting off traffic in areas where neither vehicles nor mass transit could get through.

In Junin, 204 km (127 miles) east of the capital city of Lima, the rain triggered mudslides and caused dozens of houses to be damaged. Fields flooded and the Canchamayo and Perene rivers overflowed.

This man, who lives in Junin, complained that emergency personnel did not respond to calls for help during the worst of the storms which occurred overnight.

“Last night, we were all asking for help but no one came. We called citizen security; we called civil defence — nothing, nothing. They didn’t come until morning when a neighbour’s wall fell down,” he said.

Peru is in the midst of its rainy season, which usually extends through April. (Reuters)

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‘An environmental crime’ – millions of seahorses found on ship in Peru

UNTV News   •   October 4, 2019

In an operation at the port of Callao on Monday (September 30), Peruvian authorities seized some 12.3 million seahorses that were illegally caught and allegedly destined to be sold abroad, according to local reports.

The seahorses, of the Hippocampus ingens species which is protected by Peruvian regulations, were dried out and possibly destined to be sold for medicinal purposes in China according to local media.

Four crew members of the ship carrying the illegal contraband were detained by Peruvian authorities and will face charges of up to three to five years according to local media.

The millions of seahorses were stored within the ship in 55 boxes that weighed in at over one ton. (REUTERS)

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