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UNTV News & Rescue   •   February 24, 2016

Technology is undeniably unstoppable. The invention of gadgets revolutionized the way we live. The ease and convenience they offer creates a demand for the latest devices and trends.

Gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops have become essential staples of modern living. In fact, it is common for people to have more than one gadget.

Mobile phones alone outnumber the growing human population; that’s 7.22 billion active sim cards in a 7.2 billion human population just last year. Adding tablets and laptops to the number will show a larger figure of gadgets people own.

This is how technology influences us but remember, great advantages also have its weak points. So when can we say that our gadget usage raises a red flag?

1. Spending countless hours

Reaching four to five straight hours browsing the web, playing games and using multiple devices isn’t good for you. The long time you spend looking at your device and switching between tasks is harmful to your brain. Studies reveal that severe multitasking damages mental executive functions such as switching tasks and focusing while sorting relevant information.

2. Virtual communication over face-to- face talk

Not everyone who doesn’t feel like talking to people is an introvert. Some are just so hooked to their gadgets chatting and waiting for updates on social media. They disregard the power of interpersonal communication and prefer emoticons and stickers more than facial expressions.

3. When you tend to hold on to your device even at meal times

Don’t let your gadget steal your meals. Obviously, skipping meals is bad for your health. Your tablet or phone can’t replace the benefits of eating on time.

4. Neglecting proper hygiene

No excuses. You refuse to leave your gaming console even for a second to take a bath. This attitude indicates that you’re addicted to it and you care more about your gadget than smelling fresh.

5. The “can’t live without” feeling

When you can’t stand the absence of a gadget is also a sign of digital addiction. Getting overly anxious in such situations is not good for your psychological health.

Control is on top of these things. This is not about eliminating devices in our daily routine; it’s how well we manage ourselves when using them. All of us can be all tech-savvy while living healthy.

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