Advertising Opportunities

Whatever your overall marketing and communications campaign, you must realize what advertising can do to your company. Two questions that must be answered:

  1. What is the message your company wants to put across?
  2. What image does your company want to project?

These two questions must be addressed effectively to have an impact. Our marketing team is capable of guiding you to have your intended message reach your target audience.

Combining quality content, media partners, satellite and online platforms, we can give your message a comprehensive presence online and offline, via our flagship programs namely, Good Morning KuyaIto ang BalitaGet it StraightBitag, and Bread N’ Butter, among others.

You might also be interested to obtain our value-added packages designed to maximize your ad campaigns.

Online Advantages 
Online advertising is no longer a thing of the past. It is here to stay as communications technology continues to evolve and as more people spend more time online today.

Nowadays, companies are beginning to realize that there is a need for a cross-media strategy to be able to reach out to an increasingly diverse audience and ever-transforming customer profile and preferences.

Numerous research have shown that online ads can powerfully complement traditional campaigns executed in offline medium like print, radio and television.. With our presence, we can generate brand awareness that can lead to actual buys once people view your ads online. With the social media revolution, advertisers can sustain sustained interest to the brand and message.

Through advertising at, could give your company’s required reach and mileage.